‘I’m a natural beauty but I’ve spent £48,000 becoming a bimbo,’ says Bournemouth woman, 33 

Jennafer describes herself as an “ever-perfecting trophy bimbo”
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A self-confessed “bimbo” has revealed she has spent £48,100 on her plastic-fantastic looks – despite being a “natural beauty”.

Jennafer Lee, 33, from Bournemouth, says she was “obsessed with the skinny blonde, ultra-feminine, ditsy, glamorous, bimbo look” growing up in the 90s and noughties – and attracted plenty of attention with her natural good looks.

“The attention started for me ever since I can remember, before I bleached my hair blond and turned myself into my ideal bimbo fantasy,” Jennafer, who has also worked as a tattoo artist, told Jam Press.

“I was never unhappy with my appearance – I am a natural beauty. If anything, how I have changed my appearance has made me less attractive.

Jennafer in her early 20’s before surgery (Picture: Jam Press)

“I have been told this by people that knew me as a natural brunette, but to me it is my ideal beauty standard and I get great pleasure out of being ultra-sexy and a blonde bimbo sex object.

“I was always hyper sexual since being a teen I loved that boys fancied me and I got a lot of attention. I dated lots of boys in school – they used to fight over me.

“I have had many looks and phases along the way but my life style has always been bimbo and I always returned to the bimbo look.

“My personality is naturally ditsy and bubbly and sexual so when looking any other way, I never felt my personality matches my outward appearance.”

Jennafer’s spent £6000 on 1050cc round ultra-high profile silicone implants (Picture: Jam Press)

Jennafer dyed her hair blonde and, over the past decade, has started making cosmetic tweaks to her appearance.

She now has 1.5ml of filler in her lips every month, costing £250 a pop.

She also gets 1ml of cheek filler for £200, work on her chin and mouth lines for £200, and Botox for £190.

Annually, she spends £3,590 and has done so for the past 10 years – spending £35,900 on the tweaks.

Jennafer made permanent changes to her look by getting breast implants after saving up money from her OnlyFans page, which she started four years ago.

She said: “I got 590cc round ultra-high profile over the muscle. I begged my surgeon for bigger but he said that’s all that would fit the first time around. It cost me £6200.

“As soon as I came round disoriented from the anaesthesia I looked down and said ‘no they’re not big enough!’.

“I went back to see my surgeon every month until he agreed to give me 1050cc round ultra-high profile the biggest silicone implants they do – these cost me £6000.”

In total, she has spent £48,100 on cosmetic procedures over the past decade – though she believes the figure to be much higher when factoring in her blonde tresses and expensive wardrobe.

Jennafer said: “It costs a lot to look this cheap.

The OnlyFans star plans to have more surgeries (Picture: Jam Press)

“Next I would like butt fillers, a lip lift, a brow lift, lipo and bigger boobs. I don’t think the surgeries will ever stop as soon as one thing is perfected I will always move onto something else.

“I am an ever-perfecting trophy bimbo!

“My surgeon advised me not to get the biggest silicone implants and said I want ‘abnormally large breasts’ – but I won’t stop there.

“Next, I will have custom-made 1650cc XL implants which will cost £25,000.”

The heavily inked model has no plans to stop – despite her family being less than thrilled with her look.

She said: “My family and friends outside of the bimbo community don’t love my look as they think I was naturally beautiful before, but they support what I do and my choices and I enjoy surprising them with my ever-changing appearance and new additions.

“I have always had lots of attention in public so now I never notice – it’s only when other people tell me ‘they are staring at you’.

Jennafer says her appearance attracts a lot of attention (Picture: Jam Press)

“I get a lot of stares, whether because of my bright blond hair, my tattoos, the way I dress, my 7inch stripper heels, my big lips or my huge fake t*ts!

“People like to touch me a lot which I find strange. If I see someone in the street with a crop top on that I like I don’t go over and stroke it and say ‘I like this’ – but people do that to my body all the time in the street, complete strangers.

“I take it as it’s meant – a compliment. It’s not every day you get to see a trophy bimbo I and I appreciate that.

“People love to look and I love to allow them. I am proud to be the way I am and I love that it intrigues people.”