TikTok users left stunned by diver’s video taken 2,000 METRES below sea level

Simply stunning
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A diver has gone viral on TikTok after filming herself swimming almost 2,000 metres below sea level.

Kayleigh Grant, 34, who has been based in Hawaii for the last 10 years, filmed herself plunging deep into the Pacific Ocean.

Stunning underwater shots show a calm Kayleigh moving her flippers against the crystal blue sea – without any signs of fish or other sea life.

(Picture: Jam Press)

The caption read: “When you’re in water 6,000ft (1,928 meters) deep and realize…Most of the light isn’t going deeper than 700ft (213 meters). Most of what’s below you is darkness…”

The area of the ocean between 650 and 3,300 feet is called the mesopelagic.

Barely any light filters down to these depths but squid, krill, jellies, and some fish thrive in this area.

Her incredible footage has been viewed 6.9 million times on her TikTok (@mermaid.kayleigh) and racked up 1.2 million likes.

(Picture: Jam Press)

One user said: “This video made me feel like I was suffocating.”

“That’s scary on at least 15 different levels,” another person added.

Someone else said: “I’m more scared about the lack of anything. no reefs. no fish. nothing. I DONT LIKE IT. [sic].

Other users found the video fascinating to watch.

One person said: “The most beautiful blue ever.”

“I love it. Total freedom,” commented someone else.

(Picture: Jam Press)

“I love getting to share the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants with the world,” Kayleigh told Jam Press.

“There’s so many fascinating creatures & things happening in the ocean that I needed to share that with others.

“I’ve been swimming at a very young age but got into diving first while traveling in South America.

“I fell in love with the idea of being underwater as marine life always interested me!

“Sadly, there is also a lot of negative human impacts in the ocean as well. Once I saw first hand things like pollution, animal harassment, over fishing, fishing debris, I knew I wanted to be a voice for the wildlife.

“I hope through my videos I can help people to fall in love with the ocean because we depend on her and she depends on us.

“Through these videos I hope people choose to eat less or no seafood, pick up trash on coastlines, use reef safe sunscreen and use less single use plastic.”