Terrifying up-close footage of California wildfire that has claimed 20 homes and 200 acres

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Terrifying footage has been shared of the wildfire spreading in south Los Angeles, US, last night (GMT), which has claimed 20 homes.

The incident, dubbed the Coastal Fire, started on Wednesday night PST at the base of Coronado Pointe.

Within hours, it had reached Laguna Niguel, Orange County, burning down multi-million dollar homes, while fire services battled the blaze.

A state of emergency was announced with the sheriff’s department saying another 100 homes are potentially at risk of being hit by the fire.

Meanwhile, residents from 900 properties in the nearby area remain under evacuation orders.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated but a local electricity company has shared that it had “circuit activity occurring close in time to the reported time of the fire”.

In a video captured at the scene, the dangerous flames can be seen taking over a hillside, licking their way up through the dry grass towards a large house.

A firefighter can be seen appearing to direct people away from the scene, as a by-passer (most likely a resident) runs away from the blaze.

The area is set alight in orange flames with smoke billowing towards the sky.

Another clip shows the entire area in a red hue, as the fire rages on.

Many have taken to social media to share the devastation that the blaze has left behind.

Fire services are due to give an update on the fire at 8.30am local time (PDT).

According to local press (2.15pm PST on Thursday) the fire has not been contained but wind speeds are expected to decrease.