‘I gave my wife a mummy makeover worth £28,000 – she’s never looked and felt better,’ reveals plastic surgeon

A plastic surgeon has revealed he gave his wife a “mummy makeover” worth £28,000 – and says she has never looked or felt better.
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A plastic surgeon has revealed he gave his wife a “mummy makeover” worth £28,000 ($35,000 USD) – and says she has never looked or felt better.

Jerry Chidester, 40 – known online as Dr Chiddy – has worked on countless bodies since starting his own practice in 2020 and has built up a following of over 50,000 followers on TikTok, where he shares insider knowledge.

But last year he got the opportunity to give a full-body makeover – this time, on his wife, Mindee, 40.

Mindee before undergoing the cosmetic procedure. (Picture: Jam Press)

The “mummy makeover” involves seven procedures: a breast augmentation, breast lift, fat grafting (moving fat from her chin, back and stomach to her breasts), an “internal bra” called  GalaFLEX 3DR (a knitted surgical implant that supports breast tissue during a breast lift to provide extra strength to the tissue a full tummy tuck), liposuction and skin tightening.

Mindee, who shares a 13-year-old son, 11-year-old daughter and five-year-old adopted son with Dr Chiddy, opted to have the dramatic transformation after begging her husband for three years to operate on her.

Finally, he conceded and they agreed to focus on her “loose skin, scarred fat and sagging breasts”.

Mindee undergoing the cosmetic procedure – after the surgery. (Picture: Jam Press)

Mindee, who works as director of finance and operations at their practice, The Practice Clinic, went under the knife last June in a six-hour long procedure.

When she emerged, the mum had a newly-taut stomach and DD-cup breasts.

While the transformation may seem dramatic to some, Dr Chiddy insists the point isn’t to make the client unrecognisable – but more to restore their confidence and their pre-baby body.

“I love helping women look and feel their best after having kids,” Dr Chiddy told Jam Press.

“For Mindee, it was something she couldn’t do for herself – removing the loose skin, scarred fat and sagging breasts.

“This surgery was the least I could do to help repair her body after the sacrifices she made in both bringing our children into this world and raising them.

“You can’t correct [those issues] on your own so that’s what I love about my job – it’s all about restoring confidence.

“It functionally helps women too – they won’t wet their pants if they cough or sneeze because we tighten the muscles in a tummy tuck.

Mindee and Jerry with their children. (Picture: Jam Press)

“Other women have no core strength and can’t sit up out of bed properly because their muscles are so separated.

“It’s not just aesthetic – there are so many amazing, functional benefits.

“I was nervous before operating because it was my wife, but I treat all of my patients like family members on the operating table so I was fine when the time came.

“I treated it the same as any other surgery I perform.

“She recovered well and is super happy with the results. We’re going on a cruise soon so she’s excited to wear new dresses and swimsuits.

“I love seeing the confidence that this surgery has brought back to her. She worked hard before surgery to get to her goal weight, and she’s continued to work hard after surgery to maintain her surgical results.”

Mindee is thrilled with her new physique.

She said: “Before surgery I was self-conscious with my sagging and uneven breasts – I had a partial mastectomy about 7 years ago – and my stomach of extra skin.

“After the op, I feel great! Jerry did amazing. I only took half of one pain pill the first night and that’s it. My recovery was easy because my surgeon was the best!”

“I feel so much more confident. Growing up, I never felt secure enough to wear a bikini and now I’m 40 and own two.

“I love the curves that he restored in my body, like when I was in my 20’s.”