Man with EIGHT wives now plans to have KIDS and says it’s ‘first come, first served’

Arthur says he isn’t fussed who will be the first mother of his child
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A man with eight wives has revealed he’s now planning to have kids but says it’s ‘first come, first served’ on who will be the mother – as one of his partners ditches the marriage for good.

Arthur O Urso, from Brazil, hit the headlines last month after revealing that he was forced to keep a sex rota to keep his nine partners satisfied, with one wife now having permanently left the fold.

The model and his first wife, Luana Kazaki, are swingers and formalised their union with the other women at a Catholic church in São Paulo – although it is not legally binding as polygamy is illegal in the country.

Arthur prepped with pregnancy tests and nappies (Picture: Jam Press)

Now, Arthur and his wives, who “celebrate free love”, have decided to expand their family – with a baby.

Having rid himself of the sex schedule last month, the model isn’t fussed which of his wives will be the first to conceive with him.

“The cool thing about all this is that regardless of which of my wives has the baby, the child will grow up with a lot of love and affection from everyone,” Arthur told Jam Press.

“I don’t have a favourite wife for this to happen, we’re letting it happen naturally.”

The group have discussed the future and some of the women are not yet keen for motherhood, while others are feeling broody and are thrilled for a mini-them to join the family.

Arthur said: “I can’t hide that I’m very anxious, they are all keen for it.

“I believe that after the first child comes and the others see the whole situation, they will definitely want to feel and experience the same.

“But for now, it’s first come, first served.”

Arthur says he isn’t fussed about who will be first to become the mother of (Picture: Jam Press)

Arthur has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, where he regularly shares tidbits of his life with his wives including photos of them snuggled up in bed together or on outings as a group.

He has previously spoken about jealousy among his wives and says it can be tricky to balance his attention and affection for each of them.

One of his wives, not named for privacy reasons, has also now left the marriage.

Speaking about her decision to exit the unusual union, Arthur said: “A few months went by and everything seemed so perfect, until the moment when one of my wives called me to talk.

“In short, we came to the decision to divorce.

“I felt sad and confused, she commented that she missed a monogamous relationship.

“I felt cheated, but sooner rather than later. Now I have eight wives. I will not be hasty again.

“I’m not looking for moments but love for a long time.”

He said: “When I’ve given one of them an expensive gift and another a smaller or cheaper one, there has been jealousy among them.

“I’m still learning about our relationship.

“They all demand attention, affection and sex to be part of our everyday life, and I can’t do more for one than the other.”