‘My hairy armpits make me $400,000 – but I’ve only had sex twice in five years,’ says model, 28

Fenella has no intentions of picking up the razor again…
Fenella wearing a black vest top, showing off her underarms
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An OnlyFans model who has made $400,000 in two years thanks to the attention her hairy armpits receives says she loves her bushy bits – but has only had sex twice in five years.

Fenella Fox, 28, a model from Worcester, Midlands, first became a cam girl in 2014 as she wanted to show men that they “can look but not touch”, before later joining the adult content platform.

In a bizarre self-fulfilling prophecy, the model has revealed that her sex life is quite dry – with just two sexual encounters since 2017, which is coincidentally the same year she stopped shaving her armpits.

Fenella wearing red lipstick while showing off her armpit hair in a bikini
She hasn’t picked up the razor since 2017 (Picture: Jam Press)

But despite the knock-on effect on her dating life, Fenella has no intentions on picking up the razor again.

“It’s frustrating how men don’t feel pressured to shave but women do,” the model, who has 160,000 followers on TikTok (@fenellascorner), told Jam Press.

“It’s a huge double standard that we should challenge more.

“Not shaving been totally life-changing for me and I wish more women would embrace their natural hair without shame.

“I’ve had a lot of men tell me that I’m ‘disgusting, dirty, unhygienic, lazy’ and I’ve even had death threats.

“Some have said I’ll be ‘single forever’ and will ‘never get a man’.

“I feel happy with my hairy armpits. I don’t notice them so much anymore but they often do make me feel sexy and more womanly.

“I feel proud to raise my armpits in public, especially if I feel like I’m surrounded by close minded people.

“An arms-up dance in a nightclub full of clean shaven people always gives me a thrill.”

In a bizarre take, she’s only had sex twice in the last five years (Picture: Jam Press)

On the flip-side, because of her saucy job, Fenella says many men often want her as a “trophy” – however, one positive experience stands out.

She said: “I’ve had one make-out session since [shaving], where the guy kissed my armpit hair and commented that he loved my female empowerment.

“While this made me feel respected and appreciated, the experience was very unexpected.”

Although she is still struggling with dating and sex, Fenella is very comfortable being naked – which is much appreciated by her devoted fans.

She also says her parents are very supportive of her OnlyFans career.

The model said: “I am very body confident thanks to my job so If I have the opportunity to be naked I’ll take it!

Fenella showing off her armpits with a yellow vest top and jeans
She made a promise to herself to remain celibate for the rest of her days (Picture: Jam Press)

“I love being naked; attending nudist areas, nudist events or doing nude photo shoots. I think the world would be a better place if we were all more comfortable with our naked and natural selves.

“My parents and family have been very supportive during my whole career and I’m thankful for that.”

Fenella’s decision to stop shaving her armpits first came about as a “protest” against men’s expectations of her.

When she was younger, fellow classmates would grab her chest without consent and she was “heavily sexualised” in school due to her large breasts.

Choosing to have hairy armpits made the young woman feel empowered and people responded to it – with over three million views on a YouTube video showing off her bushy bits.

However, even Fenella has considered shaving.

She added: “Yes, I have considered removing my armpit hair often.

“I have felt the urge more since moving to a busy city to shave as I love the idea of exploring another more conventionally glamorous side of myself and seeing what comes of it (especially how men may treat me different) but I also hate the thought of the itchy days right after shaving.

Fenella with her hair down and a two-piece set.
Since moving to a new city, she hope for her sex life to perk up again (Picture: Jam Press)

“I also think it’s important more women challenge the societal expectations of our body hair and if I have to be one of the loudest to do that then so be it.

“Now I live in a big city I’m also hoping my sex life will come back soon and I’m hoping to have a good sex life soon.”