Explorer visits eerie ‘pink palace’ left abandoned with rooms still packed with children’s toys

‘Barbie’s Dream House’ had a shocking secret…
A pink mansion with multiple windows and white pillars sits by an unkept piece of lawn
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An urban explorer has shown what it’s like inside London’s abandoned pink palace, with the space packed with children’s toys.

Not much is known about the property but its striking appearance is eerily reminiscent of a ‘Barbie dream house’ or the mansion from the 2009 movie Coraline, where a frightening creature captures kids.

Urban explorer Daniel Simms, 33, visited the property with two friends earlier this year, sharing the result on his YouTube channel Bearded Reality, where it has racked up thousands of views.

A blue checkered jacket and other clothes, as well as toys, are thrown on the floor and hang from the metal bunk beds in the purple room.
Daniel found discarded toys and random memorabilia (Picture: Jam Press)

Aside from the discarded toys and random mementos of the building’s past, there is also a cellar filled with left-over bottles of alcohol.

“I heard there was an abandoned pink mansion in London so I started to research the area asked a few friends about it and narrowed down the location,” Daniel told NeedToKnow.online.

“[I have] no idea why it was painted pink but seems like a popular thing with a few mansions in the country being pink and makes the place stand out.

“Rumour has it that the place was taken over and held by the government and banks due to the owner being involved with tax fraud and evasion and the owner going on the run, leaving everything behind – including his family.”

Footage shows Daniel climbing over mounds of toys with many boxes never having been opened.

He then discovers many more items piled up including Mr.Men toys, games console cases and a football table.

A white shirt and brown jumper still hang from the wardrobe with a blue garment underneath on the shelves.
Clothes and accessories from the previous owners were left thrown about the room (Picture: Jam Press)

Daniel said: “The atmosphere was a little tense at first, as the place had been reported by others that police had been watching the site so we were wondering if we were going to get the chance to explore the place.

“However,all was quiet which eased us up and allowed us time to investigate and explore the entire place.

“Everything had been left behind here which goes with the rumour that the place was very quickly vacated.

“The home itself seems to have had quite a few children living here with a life of luxury and it’s always strange seeing kids’ clothes and toys everywhere.

“Going through the bedrooms and seeing the children’s things and memories left behind and strewn everywhere is quite unnerving and sad to see.”

Mould and decay appear to have surfaced on the bathroom floor with a  dirty deep fill bath tub in the corner and a sink
Hints of mould and decay had started to encompass the bathroom (Picture: Jam Press)

After wandering around the property further, the urban explorer found a pair of huge bathrooms – though the facilities were not recommended for use.

He added: “Some of the bathrooms were amazing and I could tell the place was built to be amazing and I was sure it was, however, the place had started to mould and smell and signs of damage were setting in.

Magazine covers and multiple photos covers the pink wall as a pink bucket sits below
Daniel recalls feeling a “tense” atmosphere while exploring the abandoned property (Picture: Jam Press)

“Downstairs had a cellar full of old alcohol and many random things left behind with a massive kitchen great for socialising.

“We were on this site for about 80 minutes. We were super excited to see this place as it was different and unique to see as it does not look like it belongs in England, with the palm trees at the back of the property and the design of the home itself.”