Inside incredible clifftop home with ‘RIBCAGE roof’ designed to look like ‘sleeping animal’

You won’t be the only thing sleeping in this home…
A house emerges from the clifftop that resembles a rib cage or sleeping animal.
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A “one-of-a-kind” house with a design resembling a rib cage is now available for luxury stays on Airbnb.

Listed as an Airbnb Luxe exclusive, the three-bedroom property is thought to be one of the most exclusive homes in the world, and once inside, you’ll see why adventurers of all kinds are eager to snap up a stay. 

High Dessert House, built by renowned architect Kendric Bangs Kellogg for artist Bev Doolittle and her husband, was created over 25 years ago and was considered to be a marvel of the organic architecture movement of the 1980s.

A rounded bed sits looking out on the incredible views of Joshua Tree.
The unusual home features curved walls and stunning clifftop views (Picture: Airbnb/Jam Press)

The show-stopping home was built directly into the landscape of Joshua Tree National Park in California, US.

Nearly every element of the property was hand crafted, inside and out, by Kellogg and master craftsman John Vugrin – and the home definitely colours outside the lines. 

The free-flowing organic architecture sits along the stunning landscape of the national park – perhaps the only location that catered to Doolittle and Kellogg’s ambitious vision.

Resembling skeletal structures, Kellogg previously said the house was designed to look like a sleeping animal crouching on the rocks.

Another bedroom has a rib cage styled roof with night sky views
This ribcage inspired bedroom gives you incredible views of the night sky (Picture: Airbnb/Jam Press)

The house contains no straight lines or rectangular spaces, meaning every room flows organically. 

Instead of high walled-off areas, the house forms around 26-winged piers composed of organic material built quietly into the natural landscape. 

The kitchen and living room stretch around the solid rock formation, while the glass panels peek into a sprawl of sunrise and sunset views. 

A number of spaces also allow for a dark sky view, perfect for stargazers wanting to escape the busy city lights.

A curved kitchen provides the perfect space for entertaining
This curvy kitchen is perfect for a night entertaining (Picture:Airbnb/Jam Press)

A private path leads onto a secluded section of the park and all just steps from the front door. 

The property is now available for the first time to rent as a holiday home on Airbnb, with prices for a three-night stay in June at £22,972 including all fees – though prices may vary.

Those staying for the night can wander into the Cholla Cactus Gardens, pose for photos at Skull Rock, and trek along the Hidden Valley Nature Trail. 

For those fancying a more sedate stay, you can stay at home, sitting around the home’s fire pit, gazing up at the Milky Way. 

Meanwhile for visitors who crave more city life, Palm Springs is just an hour’s drive.