Man shares ‘genius’ way to fix trainers using household items – and it takes 10 SECONDS

A man has shared a “genius” way of fixing the loose toe on a trainer – and it only takes 10 seconds.
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A man has shared a “genius” way of fixing the loose toe on a trainer – and it only takes 10 seconds.

Adrian Ghervan, from London, shared the simple trick on TikTok (@adrianghervan) with his 300,000 followers.

In the clip, he shows the broken, flapping toe area on his trainers.

He then shows how to fix it, taking a butter knife from his kitchen cupboard and heating it up on the hob.

Once the metal is piping hot, he sticks it in the loose area between the toe of the shoe and the broken material.

He then removes the knife and presses the two pieces together, sealing them.

The process takes Adrian just 10 seconds and leaves his trainer apparently perfectly intact.

One user commented: “Wait what.. Genius.”

“First, this is so satisfying!” said another viewer.

Adrian Ghervan’s trainer repair hack. (Picture: Jam Press)

Someone else added: “No way.. does this work? this has legit just happened on my Nike running trainers.”

However, not everyone was sold on the thrifty hack.

One user commented: “As a sneaker restorer/customizer, don’t do this.”

“Bro have you never heard of glue?” said another critic.

Meanwhile someone else warned the trick could be dangerous due to the chance of the trainer catching fire.

Adrian previously made headlines from another simple hack – cooking rice without heat using a can of Coca Cola.

Adrian Ghervan. (Picture: Jam Press)

In another TikTok, he pours some brown basmati rice into a glass before filling it up with a can of Coca Cola.

He then wraps the glass in clingfilm and sets it aside.

When he returns 24 hours, the rice has absorbed the Coke and appears to be cooked – having swelled in size, and resembling the texture of cooked rice.

Adrian described it as “perfectly cooked”.