Mum gets THREE surgeries in ONE day so she can ‘look hot’ for OnlyFans – including EYELID reduction

At least her carbon footprint is low
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A mum has had three surgeries at once in a bid to “look hot” for OnlyFans.

Tracy Kiss, 34, from Buckinghamshire, recently flew to Turkey to get an eyelid reduction, her jawline defined and six-pack abs sculpted with liposuction.

The former Page 3 model – who now earns a living selling saucy snaps on OnlyFans – said going under the knife for the tenth time has helped her maintain her “dream body”.

Tracy didn’t fancy recovering three separate times so opted to get all three surgeries together (Picture: Jam Press)

She has previously had £100,000 worth of plastic surgery procedures including four boob jobs, a Brazilian butt lift, designer vagina surgery, Botox, two laser eye surgeries and a nose job.

Tracy, who made headlines earlier this year with her ruler tattoo to measure penis sizes, was left bed bound from the surgery – unable to take a shower for a week.

“I’m 3 weeks post-op at the moment,” Tracy told

“I’m a single mum with two children and I don’t have help at home. The week I spent in Turkey away from all responsibility was lovely.

“The recovery for my face was so easy I hardly noticed it, the recovery for my stomach is more tender as I had so many stitches and tubes.

“I can finally take my surgery compression garments off next week which will make a huge difference.”

Getting her abs defined with surgery (Picture: Jam Press)

Her latest set of operations set her back £6,488 which she has shared to her 1.2 million followers on Instagram (@tracykissdotcom), with many complimenting her appearance.

One social media user said: “U have such amazing figure.” [sic]

Another person wrote: “You look very pretty.”

One user said: “Definitely like how you rip the shirt like hulk Holden and you know what I think.”

“What a cute tummy,” commented another person.

Someone else aid: “Wow beautiful,” followed by a string of emojis.

Tracy in the hospital bed (Picture: Jam Press)

Tracy – who qualified as a dating expert during the pandemic – previously made headlines last month after claiming she helped 100 men give up casual sex.

Her advice saw her earning her the title ‘F***boy Fixer’ amongst her friends for the list of red flags to look out for.

She previously told Jam Press men pushing for your phone number soon after you’ve matched – indicates they want you away from the app so you don’t track their activity.

Another key sign is if a man has no social media presence.