Model goes viral recreating designer fashion looks wearing nothing but BODY PAINT – from Louis Vuitton swimwear to Versace lingerie

An OnlyFans model has tricked social media users after revealing her own “designer” fashion looks are made with nothing but body paint.
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An OnlyFans model has tricked social media users after revealing her own “designer” fashion looks are made with nothing but body paint.

Dara, 37, from Brooklyn, New York, started painting herself six years ago and has tricked people online with her ultra-realistic “fashion” looks – all while completely naked.

Growing up, she dreamed of becoming a model for high fashion designers, but claims these dreams were squashed after being told “curvy women” can’t model.

As a result, the social media influencer, who boasts 262,000 followers on Instagram (@moneybirdette), decided to make her own designer outfits using body paint in a bid to prove the critics wrong.

“I wanted to show people you can do whatever you want and not listen to those telling you your body is “too much” of anything,” Dara, who has made millions sharing saucy content on OnlyFans, told

Dara in her Louis Vuitton-inspired bathing suit made from body paint (Picture: Jam Press)

“I would cover my walls in high fashion advertisements from Vogue magazine and others. I still love editorial and print, so I wanted to incorporate my paintings into photoshoots.”

She has since modelled a Louis Vuitton-inspired bathing suit with matching suspenders and, one of their most popular creations, a red and black Versace inspired bodysuit.

Artist Fernello paints the looks onto her nude body.

In a clip uploaded to TikTok, which has racked up 102,000 views and nearly 8,000 likes, she struts fiercely while “wearing” the outfit.

While in reality she is completely in the nude, the body paint creates an illusion which suggests otherwise.

Users shared their reactions in the comments, with people questioning their own eyes.

“Hi. Is it body paint?” one viewer commented.

Another person added: “One of the best looks of all time…pretty awesome.”

“O MY LORD HELP ME,” someone else wrote. [sic]

One person said: “What the how in hell, I’m speechless, it looks really good.”

“Perfect,” another viewer added, followed by a love emoji.

Other looks include a purple and black swimsuit complete with the Versace logo, snake-esque skin coupled with a real-life snake and, inspired by the Mexican holiday, a full Day of the Dead look.

In one clip, she walks toward the camera while holding a “skull” as she wears a red veil and crown, along with a painted bodysuit and suspenders in the style of a skeleton.

Racking up 60,000 views and over 10,000 likes, Dara’s fans were impressed by the artistic skills.

“Wow killed that,” one person commented.

Another viewer said: “Spicy,” followed by a fire emoji.

“You are always a beautiful sight to see…a true work of art,” someone else added.

Dara wearing her Day of the Dead inspired body paint (Picture: Jam Press)

Dara added: “I usually come up with an idea and lately, I’ve been inspired by current and vintage high fashion brands, as well as iconic looks.

“I didn’t always have confidence, as my family is very old school and strict, where I was always covered up.

“I knew at a young age my body was different, so I was teased a lot and spent time covering up my curves.

“Now, modelling with paint makes me feel sexy, confident and beautiful.”