‘Stop making the gym look like a strip club: ‘SHE HULK’ goes viral showing off ripped abs – but cruel trolls call out her outfit choices

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A model has gone viral after likening herself to the female hulk, showing off her ripped abs and muscly legs.

Fafa Araujo, 36, originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil before moving to Chicago, US, 11 years ago, has become a social media sensation with her impressive results.

The fitness model, who goes by the name Fafa Fitness, has been on the gym scene for 25 years, having helped “thousands” of people change their body shapes.

Pictured: Fafa Araujo

She shares videos of herself working out to her millions of followers on her social media accounts (@fafafitness11), where she regularly shares tips and tricks from her own gruelling workout routines.

In a recent TikTok video, that has racked up over 900,000 views and left social media users shocked, Fafa films herself working on a weight machine.

Showing off her ripped torso and muscly legs, she captioned the post: “She hulk.”

Pictured: Fafa Araujo

And social media users, who have liked the post over 46,800 times, certainly agreed.

“BEAST MODE OH YES,” wrote one user.

“Your hard work paid off and you stayed lush x well done,” added someone else.

“Your quads are unbelievable! Keep it up, looking good!,” said a third user.

Another person added: “Incredible woman,” followed by a heart emoji.

But others had comments about her Fafa’s attire.

One TikTok user said: “I’m trying to sound mean but honestly you need to stop making the gym look like a strip club.”

Pictured: Fafa Araujo

Another person added: “Yeah…I always pull my shirt up while working legs…”

“Turn the temperature down on the washing machine,” someone else commented.

One viewer added: “We can wear swim suits to the gym now?”

Speaking about her commitment to fitness, the model told JamPrime.com: “It doesn’t happen overnight. “There is no secret to building your dream body, it takes time, dedication and consistency and with that you will reach your goals

“I absolutely love going to the gym and educating people I train, and eating for results, I do this out of love. “When I go outside my muscles get a lot of attention, especially the legs.

“And I love it.”

Fafa runs the online personal training programme The Daily Gainz, where she shares her workout routines.

Pictured: Fafa Araujo

She added: “What actually makes them unique is that they genuinely are the routines I use.

“I hand-created all of these programs myself!

“I call my training style the ‘Brazilian way’ because the exercises I do are a lot different from your typical ‘leg day’ workout program.

“I want to be able to help as many people as possible reach their goal so I believe that having the programs affordable is the best way to spread my knowledge and have people doing what I do best.

“And that’s building an outstanding physique.”