TikTok star creating jewellery with SPERM now using urine too – and has fridge full of ‘samples’

Come again?!
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A TikTok star who hit the headlines for creating jewellery with sperm – so-called ‘jizzy jewellery’ has revealed she is now branching out into new ingredients, including urine.

Amanda Booth, who saw her page skyrocket to over 190,000 followers this week after hitting the headlines, has been using samples of “male and female juices” in her designs since July – even sharing a video of her fridge full of “samples”.

The clay artist, who turns the product into ‘powder’ through a secret method, which is then incorporated in her pieces, has seen her videos go viral with over 5.8 million views on just one clip.

Become the belle of the ball with your very own sperm necklace (Picture: Jam Press)

Talking exclusively to Jam Press about her new idea, Amanda, who also makes breastmilk jewellery, reveals the idea for semen first came about when a follower joked about it in the comments section.

Her husband, Jesse Mullin, was more than happy to be her guinea pig, supplying a sample to experiment with so she could get the right “clay-to-c*m” ratio.

“It was on one of my breastmilk creation videos that the original comment about adding semen came up,” she said.

“When I first saw it, I was almost offended!

“But a few months later I decided to share a post on Facebook about it as a half joke and little did I know I would start getting serious requests and orders.

“After a handful of orders, my husband plopped a powdered load on my desk for me to test things out with!”

(Picture: Jam Press)

Since going viral, which she says has been “absolutely crazy”, Amanda has been inundated with attention online – which has inspired her to venture out into new areas, including using urine in her designs for the first time.

However, she “draws the line at faeces”.

Amanda said: “A couple with a ‘p*ss kink’ asked if we would be willing to work with urine.

“We just requested that it should be a high water intake day if they are going to send in anything like that!”

“It’s hard to figure out where we draw the line.

“I think my hard line would be faeces. Anything else I don’t see a problem with, but faeces is a hard no for me!”

In another TikTok, Amanda shows the unconventional samples piled up in her fridge, captioning the post: “When you have a bunch of jizzy samples sitting in the fridge waiting to be processed into powder for jewellery making.”

Another little number for sale (Picture: Jam Press)

Unsurprisingly, her account has left TikTok users divided.

One person commented: “Can I just say that this was the best idea EVER?”

“Fashion but make it witchcraft,” another user said.

Someone else quipped: “Whole new meaning to family jewels.”

“That’s actually disgusting,” said one critic.

Another user commented: “Hahaha this whole thing is so amazing.”

“Wait. This is real? I need this,” said another fan.

Someone else added: “Sent to my husband, and he said he’s gonna have you make me something REAL nice.”

“Wait what now,” another user commented.

The jewellery can be wear casually or even for special occasions (Picture: Jam Press)

One person asked: “No one’s asking the real questions. Can you color it?” To which Amanda replied: “Absolutely I can.”

She also advised 1-2 teaspoons of semen was needed for the sample.

However, while she’s received many positive – and funny – comments, she’s also experienced some trolling, wondering how people have “so much hate inside them over something as silly as me playing with semen in clay”.

She said: “It’s really weird seeing my face all over everyone’s newsfeed, but my friends, clients and followers have been so amazing and supportive through it all.

“It’s such a controversial topic and so ‘out there’…I think the strangest thing about this week has been realising how closed-minded a lot of people are after seeing a lot of the comments.

“I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and I’m totally OK with that.

“I just don’t know how everyone has the time or energy to be so judgemental and have so much hate inside them over something as silly as me playing with semen in clay!

“I’m almost glad that it [the negative comments] happened to me now, a few years ago I might not have been able to handle that many negative comments or haters of what I’m doing.”

Before going viral, Amanda, who launched her original business (for hair, breast milk and ashes) in 2021, had received around 30 paid orders for her sperm jewellery, as well as “female liquids”.

The master at work (Picture: Jam Press)

Since then, her orders have “almost doubled in two days and we’ve been getting hundreds of messages and requests each day”.

She said: “My whole business started by happenstance. I got into making earrings and eventually working with clay as a major therapy for myself.

“Last year in September, I had a friend who tragically lost her son and asked if I could make memorial jewellery for her out of his ashes. I was super nervous but I couldn’t say no. When I posted about it, I started getting more memorial requests for people who were grieving their lost loved ones and pets.

“Another friend figured if I could do that then I could do breastmilk and requested I try it, so I researched and experimented and eventually figured it out.”


Amanda dehydrates the ‘jizz sample’ and then turns it into powder that is mixed with clay and used in the production of the jewellery item.

This is typically for couples to keep close to their heart for sentimental reasons, although some clients, many of whom are part of the BDSM community, request it for kinky purposes.

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