Body modification fanatic, 52, horrifies fans with latest surgery – with HORNS

Victor hopes to achieve the look of a “demon” with his modifications…
Victor poses with a one green eye and another black eyeball, mowhawk and tattoos – showing off his new horns while smiling.
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A body modification fanatic who is transforming his appearance to become a “demon” has horrified fans on Instagram with his latest surgery – metal horns implanted in his skull.

Victor Hugo Peralta, 52, a showman from Uruguay, previously made headlines after revealing his body modification obsession – where he has the Devil’s “666” carved into his scalp.

He recalls falling in love with tattoos from a very young age and had his first inking at only 13 years old, with the word “f**k” across the fingers on his left hand.

Victor poses shirtless with all his tattoos, a grey beard and a Mohawk hair do – and with his new horn.
Victor recalls his tattoo obsession starting when he was only a teenager (Picture: Jam Press)

Since then, he’s continued his obsession and claims 95 per cent of his body is covered in tattoos – including his tongue and genitals.

As he wants to transform himself into a “beautiful monster”, he’s also split his tongue, modified his ears, and switched up his natural teeth for metal ones.

Now, in a bid to further achieve his look, he’s added three subdermal implants into his head, to replicate the look of “horns.”

“I’m hoping to achieve the appearance of a rising lesser demon,” Victor told

“The implants in my head, at the moment, are small for healing, but in a month, I will be able to change them for some beautiful black stone horns.

“These will give me the appearance of a demon.

“Firstly, a cut is made to insert a spatula and detach the scalp from the skull.

“It’s separated with tweezers and then with a dermal punch, another cut is made and a thread is fitted where the exterior stones will be secured.

“It’s sutured and after 10 days, the stitches are removed – it’s like stuffing meat.”

Victor claims pain “doesn’t exist” as it’s only in our own heads and believes people should dominate pain, in order to enjoy it.

A black and white photo of Victor as a young adult, where he is smiling and a new photo of him now, with tattoos all over his face, nose and chin piece rings, as well as a split tongue.
Before, he only had minimal modifications, such as the word “f**k” written across his left hand (Picture: Jam Press)

On a scale from one to ten, he scored the procedure a three and says it doesn’t hurt, as it’s fun.

In a bid to document his transformation, he uploaded a clip showing the process on Instagram, where he’s racked up 23,000 views and over 1,000 likes.

Firstly, the person carrying out the procedure clots the blood from the insertion area using a piece of gauze.

Victor looks around, before sticking up his blue, split tongue, as tweezers are used to insert the first implant.

They proceed to dig underneath the skin with the tool and pull through the “horn” – and finish by blotting the excess pour of blood.

Users flocked to the comments to share their reactions, with many praising the fanatic for his bravery and others, who were rather shocked.

“Oh my God, never mind, my brain hurt when I saw it,” one viewer commented.

Another person added: “Hahaha one more to the collection.”

“Wow! Did you feel pain?” someone else said.

Another person added: “Getting more and more beautiful,” followed by three clapping emojis.

The gory clip was shared on social media, which left users horrified. (Picture: Jam Press)

“I get the same in four months only in another place on head. And more,” one viewer said.

In total, the modification cost him £434 and he added the “horns” to his collection of seven metal spikes and four star-shaped implants.

While there are many who love his look, he’s also received comments from those who are “scared” of him.

Victor added: “There are a few [people] who have told me they don’t like it, perhaps out of fear, but I don’t go by what others say – as long as it’s respect.

“People do pay a lot of attention though and in general, they like it.

“Our body, especially the skin, has a wonderful resistance and adaptation to changes, so I think why not [modify it] if we feel like it and it makes us happy.

“My body is the temple of my god, so I decorate it how I like and I don’t accept advice from religious hypocrites.”

Victor poses with no shirt on, all his tattoos and a mohawk – showing off his new horns.
Victor believes pain “doesn’t exist” and says that in order to enjoy pain, we should learn to dominate it. (Picture: Jam Press)

Previously, he and his wife, Gabriela, shared how they’ve been branded “cherubs from hell.”

In total, they have around 50 piercings together and have worked with over 80 artists from across the world to complete their unique look.

Now, after 14 years of marriage, they’ve achieved an official Guinness World Record for being the “world’s most modified married couple.”