‘I got my lip fillers dissolved and ended up in hospital,’ says woman, 23, going viral after being compared to DONALD DUCK

A woman has been compared to Donald Duck after sharing a TikTok of herself after getting her lips dissolved in a botched beauty disaster.
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A woman has been compared to Donald Duck after sharing a TikTok of herself after getting her lips dissolved in a botched beauty disaster.

Ruby, 23, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, wanted to have her fillers dissolved after finding that they had migrated, which is when the material moves from its injection site to another part of the lip.

Unfortunately, the procedure didn’t go as planned, as Ruby’s lips swelled up so much that her face became unrecognisable.

Ruby’s video showing the reaction to having her lip fillers dissolved (Picture: Jam Press)

Seconds after a nurse administered the dissolving agent, her lips began to grow – and minutes later, Ruby was rushed to hospital.

“I told the clinic that I wanted more shape and definition but was told that if I wanted that, I’d have to get the lips dissolved and start over again as they were too full,” she told NeedToKnow.online.

“I’d had a lot of dermal filler administered into my lips for over two years and my lips had lost their shape and the filler was migrating.

Ruby before having her lip fillers dissolved and them having lost all of their shape (Picture: Jam Press)

“Within seconds of the injection, I started to swell, but the nurse kept going and just said that a little swelling was apparently normal.

“It wasn’t until she was done dissolving them that my lips got bigger and bigger to the point where she became concerned.

“She then walked me out to the car, with a mask over my face and told my mum who was waiting for me that she needed to take me to hospital immediately.

“It was awful.

Ruby before having her lip fillers dissolved (Picture: Jam Press)

“As much as it didn’t actually hurt, the pressure of the swelling was extreme and my lips just felt as though they were going to pop at any given moment.

“I was just scared in case I would stay disfigured permanently and the swelling would never subside.”

Afterwards, Ruby told another medical personnel about her experience, and was informed that the nurse should have administered adrenaline.

Panic set in as the extreme swelling began to spread to Ruby’s jaw, cheeks and her nose.

She said: “My mum drove me to the closest hospital in a mad panic.

“We are not from the area so I was having to direct her from Google Maps which just added to the stress and worry.

“As soon as we got there, I ran straight past reception while my mum checked me in.

“I went straight into the main ward where I was seen to right away due to the extreme swelling of my face.”

At the hospital, Ruby was given steroids and antihistamines but was told she was “very lucky” – as the end could have been far worse.

Ruby a month after having her lip fillers dissolved (Picture: Jam Press)

She said: “They said how lucky I was that I didn’t go into anaphylactic shock and that first reactions are usually a warning, therefore future ones tend to be a lot worse.”

Ruby was in the hospital for around six hours before being discharged, however, the swelling in her face took around two weeks to go down.

She said: “Thankfully this happened during the time masks were mandatory in most places therefore I could cover up with one wherever I went.”

However, after her terrifying experience, Ruby doubts she will ever get lip filler again.

She said: “I do miss having shape and volume to my lips therefore would love to get them done again, but the risk just isn’t worth it.

“I am however looking into other, lower risk ways such as getting them done with a cannula rather than needle”.

“But for now I’m staying away from dermal filler.”

The incident took place on 5 December 2020, but Ruby recently shared her experience online to help others – having gone viral on TikTok (@rubyyfrais).

In the video, she reveals a series photos of herself in the car with her mum, on the way to the hospital.

She then shows more pics of herself in hospital, revealing every side of her face and lips.

The TikTok video which went viral (Video: Jam Press)

The video has racked up over 2.6M views, 86,600 likes and plenty of comments from shocked viewers.

One person commented: “Donald Duck Whooo?” [sic]

Another user said: “This is so bad! Did they not patch test you with the dissolver! Hope you’re soon better.”

While someone else commented: “Omg hope your ok that’s why am so scared to ever have my lips done!” [sic]

“KRIS JENNER??’ commented another viewer.

“You remind me of some cartoon character!” said someone else.

One user commented: “After each photo, I say to myself that it can’t get any worse and…” [sic]

Ruby didn’t expect her TikTok video to go viral, but is glad that it will help spread awareness about the dangers of lip fillers – to urge others to be cautious.

Ruby said: “I had 0 followers at the time and was following 0 people, therefore didn’t expect anyone to even see it in the first place.

Ruby since having her lip fillers dissolved (Picture: Jam Press)

“But I’d just say to anyone looking to get their filler dissolved to go to a highly-trained and trusted practitioner, preferably with a medical background, and make sure that a patch test is given beforehand.

“I did love my lips, and previous clinics I’d been to I’ve been over the moon with them, it’s just I went to this specific place for more definition and the nurse recommended dissolving them, so of course, I listened.

“But if any redness or lumps appear, do not go ahead with getting them dissolved, it’s not worth it.”