NHS worker goes viral on Facebook for sweet homemade keepsake – so daughter, 4, remembers the Queen

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An NHS worker mum has been showered with praise on social media after sharing a royal keepsake that she made for her four-year-old daughter.

Two days after Queen Elizabeth II passed away, mum-of-one Ashleigh Coules, 33, from Dagenham, Essex, wanted to make something unique for her daughter, Ava, to pay tribute to Her Majesty for years to come.

The NHS worker ordered a box frame online and filled it with an endearing display of stamps, a five-pound note and every type of coin featuring the Queen’s head, along with some miniature Union Jack Flags.

Ashleigh wanted to make something unique for her daughter (Picture: Jam Press)

Ashleigh wanted to make something simple yet significant for her daughter, who will grow up under the rule of a new King, to remind her of the Queen’s 70 years of dedicated service.

“I sat there trying to think of a way to remember the Queen and realised that now she has sadly passed away, her face will no longer be on stamps,” Ashleigh told NeedToKnow.online.

“In a good few years, her face will no longer be on our coins that we are used to seeing every day. “I will never see another queen and my daughter may never see another queen so decided to make it for a keepsake for my daughter, so she can show her children – if she has any – that Queen Elizabeth II ruled for 70 amazing years. “I ordered the box frame from Hobby Craft and the mini flags from Amazon.

The coins and the note I had indoors, and I bought seven stamps.

“I feel really sad about the Queen passing away, she is all we have ever known. Christmas Day speeches, her face on stamps, coins, her Jubilee celebrations – she is the heart of the United Kingdom.”

Ashleigh says that her daughter may never see another Queen in her lifetime (Picture: Jam Press)

After sharing the sweet keepsake on Facebook, she was stunned to see her post had racked up over 17,000 likes and her comments section was overflowing with praise.

One user wrote: “Love this! It adds up to £8.88, and the Queen passed away on the 8th!”

“I love looking at the coins over the years & how she’s changed. Beautiful when she was young, and equally beautiful as a senior. She did what she did gracefully,” said another user.

“What a fantastic idea I will be doing this for my little boy as he won’t know we had a Queen but I’ll make sure he knows we did,” wrote a third person.

Another person said: “Great idea will do the same pass on to my grandson and future children a queen never to be forgotten a remarkable lady.”

“I don’t have kids but I’ve done the same in preparation for when I do have kids.

Along with the newspaper the day after she passed with the tribute to her in it,” said another user.

Another impressed user said: “Brilliant idea I thought of saving the money but never even thought of stamps! Even better to frame it.”

Someone else wrote, “That is a fantastic idea. The queen would love that.”