‘I test s*x toys for a living with my boyfriend – I don’t care if people think it’s weird,’ reveals woman, 24

A woman has revealed her rather unique profession as a sex toy reviewer – with her job duties sure to keep things interesting in the bedroom for her boyfriend.
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A woman has revealed her rather unique profession as a sex toy reviewer – with her job duties sure to keep things interesting in the bedroom for her boyfriend.

Kasia, 24, from Aarhus, Denmark, recently secured the position at start-up sex toy company Bedbible, and now spends her days trying out various vibrators and other toys.

While she says her boyfriend, Tomek, 28, is “thrilled” with his girlfriend’s unusual job, Kasia expects to receive some backlash from people – but “doesn’t care if they think it’s weird”.

Kasia with one of the sex toys she has been testing. (Picture: Jam Press)

“I was super excited to get the role – can you imagine a more fun job?’ Kasia told NeedToKnow.online.

“I am known for choosing unconventional paths in my life and my career, so when I saw the offer, I knew I would fit right in!

“Tomek couldn’t be happier.

“He is really proud to say that his girlfriend works with sex toys, and he can’t wait to test ones that are specifically for couples.

“He is already very engaged in my testing.

“We are already used to using sex toys together, so being able to test new ones together is way more fun than doing it on my own.

“Plus, I think it’s important for my reviews to see if this toy can be used in other ways. There is a misconception that sex toys are meant for solo fun, but it’s a great addition for couples.

“My friends [also] loved it. They think it’s a great fit for me.”

Kasia with her boyfriend Tomek. (Picture: Jam Press)

The brand released an ad last month looking for the perfect candidate to test out everything from vibrators to ‘penis pumps’ – and Kasia certainly fit the bill.

The intern content writer says she is known among her friends and family for her “unconventional” life choices.

The position involves reviewing five sex toys from a category of their choice, before submitting a full report to the brand.

She said: “I was always open about topics related to sex, so they were really happy to hear that I will be working in this area.

“My family was surprised, but they were supportive.

“As long as I am happy with my choices, they will have my back.

“I wouldn’t care much if someone would think it’s weird or inappropriate, it’s my life and I am allowed to have fun and enjoy my job!

“And that’s all that matters.”

Although Kasia was “nervous” to share her thoughts at first, she is now relishing the chance to help others improve their own sex and masturbation experiences.

She said: “I was nervous about having to share my personal sex toy experiences with everyone.

“It’s pretty uncomfortable to write something as intimate and then have it reviewed by the office and published for strangers on the internet.

“But thankfully, the [Bedbible] team is super supportive.

“I got a bit nervous about what kind of toys I am going to review.

One of the toys being tested by Kasia. (Picture: Jam Press)

“I like testing sex toys, but I am not a pro on all of them, so it took me a while to learn all the technicalities of different sex toys and how to review them in the best way.

“I am really excited to discover all the brands and sex toys that I have never heard about or tried.

“I have seen many sexual wellness products that seem very interesting, so I can’t wait to get my hands on these.

I also think I am really going to enjoy studying more about sexology.”

Kasia will be reviewing toys alongside her full-time 9-5 job as a content creator intern.

She said: “If Bedbible wants me to test a product, we discuss the options and I am getting a package during the week on my way home from work – thank God for discreet packaging.

“Then I start testing and reviewing it on weekends. It’s a really fast and easy process.

“My favourite toys so far are the Lelo Smart Wand and the Wee-Vibe Nova 2 – a rabbit vibrator that I had the pleasure to review.

“I am looking forward to writing more about sex-related topics.

“I do feel a bit like Carrie from Sex and the City (but without designer shoes), and I hope to be able to write more and more.

“I also want to learn a lot – sex and sex toys are vast topics, and I want to explore them as much as possible.

“I could never imagine myself working in an area that doesn’t interest me and I am genuinely passionate about topics related to sex education, feminism, and supporting the LGBTQ+ community and Bedbible has a great platform to do that.”

The job description said the chosen candidate would need to test a variety of sex toys in “whichever way they’d like”, describe the pros and cons clearly for the overall review, and advise who they think the toy is most suitable for.

The company said: “The ideal candidate should love all things sex-related, be passionate about mind-blowing orgasms, be willing to sample a variety of sex toys, and possess excellent communication skills.”

The quirky job ad said the ideal candidate would “love all things sex, be passionate about mind-blowing orgasms, be willing to try a variety of toys, and have good communication skills” – adding that “being experimental in the bedroom is a bonus”.