TikTok doctor reveals worst ‘boner’ case he’s seen – with one patient suffering for FIVE hours

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An NHS surgeon and TikToker has revealed one of the most “disturbing” cases he’s seen – a man with a five-hour long boner.

Dr Karan Rajan, a surgeon and lecturer at the University of Sunderland, shares his experience and knowledge with his 4.9 million followers on TikTok.

In a recent clip, he shares with his viewers an appointment which left him “fearing” for his patient’s penis.

Dr Karan Rajan said this incident was his ‘most disturbing.’ (Picture: Jam Press)

Why? Because the person was suffering with a five-hour long erection.

In the clip, he begins with saying: “This is one of the worst things I’ve had to do as a doctor – the story of the prolonged stiffy.”

Dr Karan explains that the “spicy” occurrence happened during one of his last ER shifts, before he left for surgery.

He recalls seeing a young man, who was hunched over in pain, and covering his groin area with a towel.

He continued: “It looks like he’s trying to hide a boner – but it can’t be? “Well it was, the man tells me he’s taken one too many Viagra pills and now, he’s had a boner for five hours.”

He remembers seeing his patient in a lot of pain and holding his groin with a towel (Picture: Jam Press)

Despite trying everything to get rid of it, such as running, going to the toilet and even bashing his “bishop” – he was unsuccessful.

Dr Karan reveals he tried to appear calm, but was worried on the inside, as any erection which lasts longer than two hours, is bad news.

He explains: “A prolonged erection like this is known as priapism.

“The longer this lasts for, the greater risk of tissue damage to the devils clarinet because blood can’t drain out and the cells become starved of oxygen.

“This can damage the tissues of the penis, causing erectile dysfunction or worse.” He recalls informing his patient that in order to save his “gherkin” he would need to stick in a needle and take out some blood.

Dr Karan explains that a prolonged erection like this is known as priapism (Picture: Jam Press)

Dr Karan continued: “What I essentially had to do, was insert a butterfly needle into his corpora cavernosum.

“There are two cylinders that fill with blood during an erection, causing the rigidity.

“You have to aspirate and remove the blood to get rid of the boner and this is called detumescence.”

As the clip comes to an end, he reveals that after lots of jumping and screaming, they were luckily able to save the man’s penis.

Users were left stunned by the surgeon’s graphic tale, with many racing to the comments to share their reactions. One user commented: “New fear unlocked.”

Another person said: “I suddenly got a sharp pain in that area when he mentioned needle…”

“Please write a book on your stories, it would be great,” wrote another user.

Someone else added: “That’s a story to tell the grandkids.” “Nah I would be asked to be put down for a week for that surgery,” wrote another user. [sic]