Strip OFF to heat your home this winter,’ says former B&Q-worker-turned-OnlyFans-model who now makes £50,000 a MONTH

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A woman from Essex who quit her minimum wage gig at B&Q to rake in £50,000 a month on OnlyFans is urging others to strip off during the cost of living crisis.

Before swapping her careers, Lexi Zielinska, 23, used to “live off a tenner a day” and says 80% of her salary went towards rent and bills.

In August 2020, desperate for extra cash, she decided to give OnlyFans a go and just three months later had made £10,000 – and decided to quit her warehouse job altogether.

Picture of Lexi in bikini at beach
As the cost of living affects people across the UK, Lexi is encouraging them to earn some extra cash stripping off (Picture:Jam Press)

With rising energy bills, inflation and a recession predicted around the corner, Lexi is now encouraging other women to “strip off” to heat their homes.

And she claims “anyone can do this job” if they are dedicated enough.

“Before I started my OnlyFans, 80% of my money went to rent and bills,” Lexi told

“I was living off a tenner a day; after buying myself food and food for my cats, my money was gone.

“I couldn’t afford to have fun or even a normal life, and had to say no to myself all the time.

“It was really tough, you feel as if you’re only working to survive, so I can relate to how some people might be feeling right now.

“I think the wages a lot of people are paid right now are too low – it’s just not enough to keep up with the current situation.

Picture of Lexi in b and q uniform
Lexi thinks that stripping off can go towards your heating bills. (Picture: Jam Press)

“I think a lot of people could benefit from OnlyFans and they don’t even realise it, stripping off will help them heat their homes.”

However, while Lexi believes anyone can make OnlyFans work, she warns that you still need to be prepared to put in the work.

She said: “Some days I’m so busy, I make myself a detailed schedule on a piece of paper like any other job.

“I start my day by making coffee and answering my fans’ messages.

“Then I have a bath and film TikTok’s for the rest of the day because marketing yourself is the best way to succeed.

“For other content, I tend to book a hotel and shoot videos in there because it makes for a nicer background.

Picture of Lexi in underwear
Although Lexi says that OnlyFans is a full time job, anybody can do it (Picture: Jam Press)

“OnlyFans is a full-time job and you need training in certain areas too to make sure you’re equipped for the gig.

“I do think that anyone can do it; male, female, couples, single, young or old – it doesn’t matter.

“You don’t need to be a certain age or shape to do what I do. “As long as you put in the work and market yourself, you can make some good money.”

Initially, Lexi just wanted to make a bit of money on the side and was stunned to see the cash flooding in after just a few months on the platform.

On good days, she can make double her old salary in just 24 hours.

She said: “I saw OnlyFans on Instagram and I was debating it at first as I wasn’t sure where to start. “I wasn’t expecting people to pay for my photos and videos, because p*rn is free, but they do.

“I am so grateful that I can live a more comfortable life now. “While I worked at B&Q, I didn’t have a holiday because I couldn’t treat myself.

“Now, I’m constantly travelling and I’ve been to loads of amazing places like Greece, Portugal, Mexico and Cyprus.

“Although I work quite a bit while I’m away.”

Lexi now earns £50,000 a month after quitting her job at B&Q (Picture: Jam Press)

As for anyone concerned about what their family or friends will say, Lexi has some advice from her own experience.

Lexi said: “Trust me, as soon as you tell people how much you make, the issue just goes away.

“You tell them you have made £50,000 this month and they say ‘no way, that’s well good.’

“I know a lot of women who want to start their own accounts but are worried that people will find out what they’re up to.

“They should stop being scared and just do it.

“No woman has ever said anything bad to me about it, in fact they ask me to teach them how to start.

“Whenever I tell a man what I do, they find it really interesting and tell me they find it hot.”