TikToker, 25, left in ‘excruciating pain’ after botched FOX EYE LIFT goes viral warning others – ‘don’t do it’

A woman is urging people not to get the fox eye thread lift saying she’s “never felt pain like it before” following the cosmetic enhancement surgery.
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A woman is urging people not to get the fox eye thread lift saying she’s “never felt pain like it before” following the cosmetic enhancement surgery.

Hannah Edwards from Sydney, Australia, decided to get the controversial procedure after seeing people show their results online.

The 25-year-old had hoped to get rid of her hooded eyelids by pulling up the corners of her eyes. But what started as an attempt at improving her self-confidence soon turned into a horrific ordeal – with Hannah now warning others to avoid it at all costs.

Hannah Edwards a couple of nights after her Fox Eye Lift and in terrible pain (Picture: Jam Press)

“I was always bothered by my hooded, slightly drooping eyes,” Hannah, a social media content creator, told NeedToKnow.online.

“I was often pulling up the corners of my eyes and seeing how much I preferred it looked being lifted.

“So when I heard about thread lifts I thought it was a great non-surgical option.”

After having a consultation with a clinic in January 2022, Hannah decided to go ahead with the procedure the following month, saying she was “pretty confident” about it.

In total, it took 30 minutes but shortly after leaving the clinic, she felt something was amiss.

Hannah Edwards before her fox eye lift (Picture: Jam Press)

She said: “As soon as I left, I was bleeding from the insertion sites and had extreme swelling on the corners of my brows.

“My brows were extremely lifted and looked quite exaggerated but was told this was perfectly normal and would settle over the next day or so.

“I didn’t feel the pain initially as I was still numb from the anaesthetic injections.”

A few hours later, Hannah found herself in excruciating pain.

She said: “It was honestly the worst pain I’ve ever felt. “I was prescribed pain medications but unfortunately I could not keep them down and vomited them up.

“The pain was so bad that I wanted to die, I didn’t think I could handle being in so much pain.

Hannah Edwards in the car straight after the fox eye lift (Picture: Jam Press)

“There was sharp pain at the insertion sights and pain going all the way through my scalp as that’s how far the threads were inserted. Any brow or facial movements hurt.”

Hannah’s family tried to help but sadly there wasn’t much that could be done.

She said: “They were supportive of me getting it done as we were all under the impression that it was a non-invasive, in-and-out procedure, which it is advertised as.”

Around a week later, the pain finally reduced but Hannah’s face was badly bruised as a result.

Hannah Edwards after her fox eye lift (Picture: Jam Press)

She added: “Whenever I moved my brows I had a strange sensation in my scalp, it felt like I was wearing a wig as the threads were sitting under my it.

“I had a few sensitive points, mainly at the insertion sites. “It took around three months before I could properly wash my hair but even then I couldn’t use a lot of pressure.

“I couldn’t sleep on my side for around four months.”

Hannah recently took to TikTok to share her experience as a cautionary tale, where the video has gained over 30,000 views.

Hannah’s TikTok video (Video: Jam Press)

In the video, she can be seen speaking to the camera while popping up photos of herself with blood visible on her face.

She then speaks about the “brutal” and “invasive” procedure.

One person commented: “Ima just glue my eyelash higher and call it a day.” [sic]

Another user said: “No thank you. I’m gonna rely on my high pony tail and make up.” [sic]

“I felt the same !!! And I looked the same after a month,” someone else commented. [sic]

“I even heard doctors in the industry say it’s not worth it. Waste of money,” said another.

Someone else said: “So unnecessary for such young and beautiful girls to do this.

You are perfect the way you are.”

Although she has since recovered, Hannah still gets occasional twinges of pain.

She said: “I can still feel a tiny bead under one of my brows which is the thread anchor that still hasn’t dissolved.

“I am still yet to have any brow treatments, even tints or waxes, as I fear any pressure on that area.”

Speaking to anyone looking to have the procedure done themselves, she added: “Do not do it.

“If you really want a brow lift, you’re better off getting actual surgery that will at least be permanent results and done by a surgeon.

Hannah now (Picture: Jam Press)

“When I had my really bad swelling and restricted facial mobility, it made me realise how much I love my facial expressions.

“I think in this day and age we’re so quick to want to eliminate lines and wrinkles and facial movements but that’s what makes us unique.

“I hated not having any expression in my face – don’t do it!”