Estate agent to the rich and famous left baffled as client offers to pay for $10M luxury home with CAMELS

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An estate agent to the rich and famous has been left baffled after a client offered to pay $10 million USD (£8.9 million) for a luxury home – entirely with camels.

Ana Prado Contti, originally from Brazil, is a luxury realtor who makes her living selling lavish properties to wealthy clients across the globe.

The estate agent was recently looking for a buyer for an extravagant mansion in Coral Gables, Florida, US, on the market for $10 million, having received interest from a sheikh from Qatar.

The lavish home was originally on the market for $10million (Picture: Jam Press)

The millionaire flew over to view the home and the estate agent was ready to seal the deal, expecting him to pull out a credit card or cheque book to pay for his new abode.

But Ana was left stumped when he offered a very unusual payment method.

“I was looking for a buyer for a $10 million mansion in Coral Gables,”

Ana told “It would be a great deal for me and the person who got the property. Then a sheikh appeared.

He was excited, he loved the property!

“I gave my vote of confidence, until he made the proposal: pay me with camels. “

I was excited right away, but then I suspected it could be a scam.

“I asked him to repeat it, I thought it was a joke.

Ana was left stumped when he offered a very unusual payment method. (Picture: Jam Press)

“But he insisted [it was a real suggestion] and asked to explain the situation to me.”

The sheikh, who was entirely serious about his proposal, explained how camels are viewed in Arab countries – and the wealth the animal represents.

Qatar even has camel racing, which the buyer explained is known as the sport of sheikhs.

Ana said: “That’s how I understood that camels are really very valuable in some countries with Arab culture.

“In the end he understood that there would be no possibility of buying with camels and we continued the negotiation.

“In the end it didn’t work out, unfortunately.

“Anyway, it was worth the cultural learning.”

Ana says she learnt a valuable lesson about other cultures (Picture:Jam Press)

The luxurious property is situated in South Florida and comes with its very own waterfront where habitants can conveniently park their yacht.

Dubbed ‘Sunrise Place,’ the home boasts an impressive five bedrooms and even comes with its own built-in gym.

The new owner will be able to swim in the private pool and relax in their very own jacuzzi and steam room.

The home, which is 6.901 square foot inside is just a short walk away from the beach however the property’s luscious garden filled with palm trees will make it difficult to leave.

Every morning, the new owner will wake up to stunning views of the waterfront – a luxury worth a lot more than a herd of camels.

The house has not yet been sold.

\The owner, not named, is currently “lending” it to a friend, but it’s still on the market – however, the price has been raised to $11 million USD (£9.94 million)

Ana added: “The house is now being used by a friend of the owner.

“He lent the mansion to this friend, but the property is still for sale off the market.