‘I tried controversial detox eating only fruit and vegetables for TWO WEEKS – the results were shocking,’ reveals TikToker, 29

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A woman has gone viral on TikTok sharing the surprising results of her controversial detox – which involved only eating fruit and vegetables for two weeks.

Megan Davies, 29, from South Wales, decided to try out the extreme method in the hopes it would help kick-start some healthy eating habits and “cleanse” her gut to ease the symptoms of her thyroid condition.

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis causes the thyroid to not produce enough hormones, leading to an underactive thyroid gland which can lead to tiredness, weight gain and dry skin.

Megan initially took up the challenge to tackle her unhealthy eating habits (Picture: Jam Press)

As well as losing 12lbs, Megan found the cleanse had other incredible benefits – including curing her previously-debilitating period cramps, clearing up her skin and boosting her energy levels.

The rules are simple: eat only fruits and vegetables.

For Megan, this meant starting the day with a homemade lemon and ginger shot, before drinking fresh fruit smoothies, eating salads packed full of nuts, and dinners including cauliflower rice and a lentil ragu, or potatoes with roasted vegetables.

“Before the detox I was fatigued – I could sleep for 10 hours and wake up exhausted,” Megan, a copy editor, told NeedToKnow.online.

“I had lots of hair loss, dry skin, bloating, constantly nauseous, aches and pains in muscles and joints.”

Prior to undertaking the challenge, Megan also had horrendous period pains which left her “buckled over” and even passing out at times.

While she initially found the detox challenging, she was able to keep full and get plenty of protein by filling up on legumes and leafy vegetables.

Soon, she reaped the rewards with incredible results.

Megan said: “After the detox, I had no bloating and my nausea went.

“My skin went glowy and radiant and my hair was glossier.

“I now have more energy and sleep better. “I have more motivation to do things and felt happier in myself.”

Megan says that her skin has never looked better (Picture: Jam Press)

Megan tried the detox alongside partner Damien Wernham, 30, but noted that, while he also lost 8.8lbs, he struggled much more than she did.

She said: “My partner felt hungry constantly and needed more beans and potatoes to fill up whereas I didn’t feel that hungry.

“He says he feels like he has more energy [but] he wouldn’t do it again [because] of the hunger.”

Megan shared the results on TikTok, where her post has been viewed over two million times and racked up 112,000 likes.

In the video, she said: “Before this detox, I was very low.

I just wanted to curl up onto the sofa all day and I didn’t want to do anything. “I found it hard to concentrate and I didn’t want to do my own job, which I love.

“But after just three days of just eating fruits and vegetables, I felt a massive shift in my mood.

“I suffer with the worst cramps in the world. I’m often buckled over, crying and I’m sick.

“Sometimes, I pass out with pain.

“I came on my period on day 10 and… nothing. I haven’t even needed to use a hot water bottle.

“As for energy, as I said I was feeling very sluggish and now I have so much more energy. As soon as my alarm goes off, I’m up.

“I have this rush of energy that I can only imagine comes from the amount of fruit I’ve been eating.”

Social media users were blown away by Megan’s results and rushed to the comment section to share their views.

One user joked: “Am so doing this! Does vodka count as a vegetable?”

“No period pain is a win in itself,” said someone else.

Another user commented: “This just proves that what we eat truly effects everything, mind and body. If you feel this good after 2 weeks…imagine how your feel after a year!”

Someone else commented: “You look great well done.”

“Well done, lovely. I love your reasons for doing this. I totally get the period cramps thing – I only ever get pains when I’ve been eating junk,” said another user.

Other viewers said she was “glowing”. Megan now plans to follow the diet two days a week, while cutting out processed foods on the other five days.