‘Snip snip hooray’: Essex woman bakes husband hilarious cupcakes to celebrate vasectomy

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A mum has gone viral creating a hilarious set of cakes celebrating her husband’s vasectomy.

Vikki Breeze, 37, and her husband Leigh, 39, from Chelmsford, Essex, already have three children under the age of 18 and recently decided that was quite enough.

The dad booked in for a vasectomy last week at a private clinic, while Vikki came up with a sneaky plan to cheer her partner up during recovery.

Leigh Breeze, 39, with the baked goodies (Picture: Jam Press)

For the baker, there was only one solution: sweet treats – so she knocked up 12 cupcakes with icing, adding funny messages to each to reference the ‘snip’.

The decorations read: “Snip snip hooray”, “Sorry about your nuts” and “100% juice no seeds.”

Vikki’s attempt at easing her partner’s pain with sugary treats has been praised online, with the mum sharing her post to Facebook, where it has racked up 8,700 likes so far.

“When you’re a baker and your husband has ’the snip’.. thought these would make some of you chuckle (he was mildly amused),” the mum, who runs her own bakery, Vix Cakes Essex, captioned the post.

The cupcakes have left social media users in stitches.

Vikki, pictured left, wanted to treat her husband after the op (Picture: Jam Press)

“These are amazing – that’s hilarious,” one person wrote.

A second person added: “I wish someone bought me cake when my tubes were snipped.”

“Excellent! I would definitely have appreciated something like this-look very nice!,” said a third social media user.

A fourth person added: “The 100% juice no seeds one got my actually laughing out loud.”

Another Facebook user commented: “Bloody brilliant.”

Other users shared their own vasectomy stories.

“My husband had the snip and then our miracle baby number 3 happened

Safe to say I have now been sterilised so there won’t be a number 4,” wrote one person.

Someone else added: “These are awesome, my hubby had his done almost 8 years ago I was in the room and watched was amazing seeing it.”

Another user wrote: “Awesome! My partner had the snip with his ex.. Met me 8yrs later and had his vasectomy reversed in 2016. Now we have 2 of our own.. So it’s my turn to get shipped.”

However, not everyone took the joke so well.

“It’s all good you joking about it but have any of you actually took the time to think how a man will feel about now being ‘seedless’ even though some men are glad there are men who will still feel a blow that they now can’t make babies,” wrote one user.

Leigh however took the cupcake joke on the chin and according to his wife, wasn’t even surprised by her unusual treat.

Talking to NeedToKnow.online, Vikki said: “I baked them for him [as] a surprise treat from when he returned from the operation.

“He was very amused but unsurprised as I’m always baking and think there’s a cake for every occasion, so why not this one.”

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