Mum asks fiancé to get BLOCK OF ICING for late-night snack – and social media users are not okay with it

Gnawing on a 500g pack is more than the recommended daily allowance
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A mum has split the internet after revealing her choice of snack is gnawing on a block of fondant icing.

Beth Winkworth, 26, from Chesterfield found herself craving a sugary treat earlier this month and didn’t fancy anything in her kitchen cupboards.

When her fiancé Robert, 31, asked if she wanted anything from Tesco as a snack, it seemed as though her prayers had been answered – but when she specifically asked for the £1.40 treat, she was met with “a lot of confusion.”

Beth, her treat and fiance Robert (Picture: Jam Press)

“Who doesn’t like to munch on a bit of fondant every now and again?,” Beth told

“Robert was on his way back from work and called to see if I wanted any treats for that night. Like the usual crisps and dips, or some chocolate.

“He was just really confused when I asked for a block of icing.

“When he got to Tesco he had no idea what he was looking for or where to look and couldn’t ask a member of staff as he felt silly.

“He ended up FaceTiming me.

“He knows I’ve got a sweet tooth but he thinks that’s taking it too far. It has taken three years to let him know I like eating icing by the block.

“I had to ask Facebook to see if there were others who agreed with me it was actually quite a split response.”

A 500g packet of fondant icing is a whopping 2,050 calories.

Beth uploaded a picture of the half-eaten snack with the caption: “Someone please help me.

A 500g packet of fondant icing is a 2,050 calories (Picture: Jam Press)

“My partner asked me what I wanted for a sweet treat and I asked for a block of fondant icing.

“He thinks it’s soo strange. Please tell me there is someone else out there who would eat a block of fondant icing.” [sic]

The post has since racked up 1,400 likes and 1,200 comments – dividing opinions among social media users.

One Facebook user said: “I’m a baker and I wouldn’t eat a block of that if you paid me a million…..makes my teeth hurt just looking at that pic x x enjoy it though x x.” [sic]

Another person commented: “How!? my gosh I have a sweet tooth but this would be so sickly!”

“Just looking at this is making my teeth hurt,” added a third social media user.

Others were on board with the choice of snack.

“Yes but in small doses!! I LOVE icing],” wrote someone else. [sic]

Others said they craved it during their pregnancies.

One Facebook user said: “THIS WAS MY PREGNANCY CRAVING!
I would literally go through blocks of it every day.. I went from a size 8 in clothes to a size 22.” [sic]

Someone else added: “I had cravings for this when I was pregnant with my eldest, I would buy full blocks and eat it.. she now hates icing.”

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