Finalists in UK Games Room Of The Year announced

The competition sees DIY enthusiasts battle it out for the one game room to rule them all.
A cinema room with velvet seats and a movie screen is one of the finalists.
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Forget going to the local pub for a quick pint and a game of pool – these people only need to step into their back gardens.

A group of DIY aficionados have created incredible games rooms which they believe are the best in the UK – from speakeasy hideaways to retro arcades and sport fanatic escapes.

The 10 finalists, exclusively shared with Jam Press, have submitted their projects as part of the Games Room Of The Year annual competition hosted by Home Leisure Direct.

These hopeful Brits are not only battling for a cash prize of £1,000 but also for the opportunity to brag about the success of their representing region.

Let’s meet some of the ‘gamers’.


A game room with vintage arcade machines and a pool table belonging to Philip.
The games room belonging to Philip in Birmingham. Jam Press/Home Leisure Direct

Among them is Philip from Birmingham who has transformed one of his spare rooms into a “retro” arcade paradise – complete with ultra-red post boxes and noisy fruit machines.

Decked out with blue lights, luminous ‘Bar Open’ signs and disco balls, the “man cave” offers a place for the perfect escape.

A post box sits nestled between 2 arcade machines.
It has all the arcade games one could ever wish to play. Jam Press/Home Leisure Direct

If you fancy a quick game of pool, the table is already set up and is situated next to various themed pinball machines, such as The Addams Family and the 1964 River Boat.

Upon entering, two plastic figures greet guests and with many historic photos, as well as memorabilia, it’s easy to get lost in time.

Vintage fruit machines line the games room in Birmingham.
Philip has collected various collectors items for his game room. Jam Press/Home Leisure Direct


A blue pool table takes centre stage in Peter's games room.
The games room belonging to Peter in Gloucester. Jam Press/Home Leisure Direct

Another finalist, Peter from Gloucester, has kept things a bit more simple and sweet with a laidback themed escape.

From a central pool table to a loaded jukebox and fully stocked bar, this games room has everything you need for a fun-filled Friday night.

A rubiks cube chair, game table and photos of celebs line the wall in the games room.
A Rubik’s cube chair inside Peter’s game room. Jam Press/Home Leisure Direct

Across the walls, historic sporting moments are pictured, along with a Rubix cube seat, flat screen TV and darts board.


A vintage King Kong poster can be seen inside the cinema room in one home.
The games room belonging to John and Anabel in Northamptonshire. Jam Press/Home Leisure Direct

Meanwhile in Northamptonshire, John and Anabel delve into the world of speakeasies and cinema with their fully decked-out hideaway.

Accessed via a red velvet door, which ties in with the same themed seats and flooring, a large projector is set up, ready to watch the best blockbusters.

The dimly-lit room is decorated with retro floor-to-ceiling posters of King Kong and The Wizard of Oz, as well as a snacks cart.

A private bar can be seen inside John and Anabel's games room.
The incredible games room has a retro feel and a private bar. Jam Press/Home Leisure Direct

In the main area, brick walls, a swinging ceiling and neon lights tie in the overall space – giving a chic bar theme.

Air hockey, pool and foosball are some of the many games ready to play and if you fancy a quick cocktail, there’s a stocked-up bar too.

Odes to Pacman, Mario and Minecraft can be found with different pieces of memorabilia and the themed pinball machines.

A wine cellar.
The couple even created a private wine cellar. Jam Press/Home Leisure Direct

In a bid to truly relax, there’s also a private wine cellar – complete with a curved brick ceiling, dark furniture which oozes sophistication and the finest whiskey, wines and champagne.

For the full experience, another bar with more spirits and liqueurs can be found adjacent to the cellar.


Football shirts and game memorabilia line Ben's games room.
Ben in Sussex let his sport-fanatic side loose. Jam Press/Home Leisure Direct

Elsewhere, Ben from Sussex has let his sports-fanatic side loose in his “man cave” with scarves from different football teams encompassing the ceiling and walls.

Dubbed “The Hornets’ Nest”, the space pays tribute to multiple players with attributed shirts and football game programs dotted across the room.

A bar containing a TV with sports playing can be seen in Ben's games room.
The perfect spot for catching the game. Jam Press/Home Leisure Direct

Along with two bars, two TVs and packets of crisps shelves, it’s a mystery as to why you’d ever go to the pub.

Other finalists include Paul from Leicestershire, who decked out his spare room with ultra-violet, neon lights and Richard from Nottinghamshire, who kept things rustic with “The Dog House.”

Paul has an ultraviolet lit bar in his games room.
Paul in Leicestershire went for an ultraviolet games room. Jam Press/Home Leisure Direct

In Scotland, Darren produced a Star Wars lover’s paradise, with Jim in Solihull creating a place for beer experts to unite.

A millenium falcon rug can be seen inside Darren's games room.
Darren’s Star Wars themed games room. Jam Press/Home Leisure Direct

Michael from Somerset revamped his space into an 80s style American arcade and in Yorkshire, Steve kept things chic and simple with a grey, crushed velvet air hockey haven.

A grey pool table takes centre stage in Steve's room.
Steve went for a plush grey pool table. Jam Press/Home Leisure Direct

Hilary Cutler, marketing director of Home Leisure Direct, told Jam Press: “Games Room of the Year is now in its seventh year, having run annually since 2015.

“The most recent batch of entrants have not disappointed – featuring some of the most stylish and jaw-dropping games rooms we’ve ever seen.

“This year represents both our highest number of entries and quality we have ever had – making the selection of our ten finalists incredibly competitive.

Michael shows off arcade equipment inside his games room.
Michael in Somerset kept things retro with his own tribute to arcades. Jam Press/Home Leisure Direct

“However, we are completely confident the top ten games rooms we have selected are the best of the bunch and we look forward to the results from the public vote, crowning this year’s ‘Games Room of the Year.’”

Currently, the winner is being chosen after voting ended on 31 October 2022, with the final results announced on 7 November at midnight (BST).