Inside luxury doomsday BUNKER for sale dubbed ‘The Beast’ – that even includes a GREENHOUSE and SHOOTING RANGE

A company is inviting people to invest in their own luxury doomsday bunkers – with add-ons like a greenhouse and personal shooting range.
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A company is inviting people to invest in their own luxury doomsday bunkers – with add-ons like a greenhouse and personal shooting range.

Prepping for the end of the world might seem a tad morbid but with threats of nuclear winter by Russia’s President Putin, many people are looking at ways to keep themselves safe, including upgrading their homes.

One company has shared a recent development for anyone looking to get their own bunker, showing off a four-bedroom survival centre.

The bunker includes everything a family needs including a fully fitted kitchen (Picture: Jam Press)

Dubbed ‘The Beast’, the home, if you will, boasts a large living space fit for a family and is available for purchase.

Created by Rising S Company, the shelter appears to include minimal decor with plain white walls and grey carpets, but there are options to glam it up as buyers are told they can make it “as elaborate as you wish”.

Not only does the bunker have four large bedrooms with bunkbeds but the facility also includes a giant walk-in closet for all those outfits you’ll need for the end of days.

There are also two huge kitchens including microwaves, ovens and fridges – this bunker is a survivalist’s dream.

The underground property also comes with a large pantry, perfect for storing a giant stash of snacks.

However, the most unusual feature is the indoor greenhouse and garden space where occupants can grow their own fruits and vegetables to eat.

To protect you from harmful chemicals and gases, the hideout also comes with a special filtration system.

As for entertainment, there’s a flatscreen TV and a large sofa with cupholders.

With deep full-sized bath and toilet facilities, you will also be able to stay squeaky clean in the bunker.

Gary Lynch, general manager of Rising S Company, which is located in Texas, US, says he couldn’t be more proud of his customisable doomsday bunkers.

The bunker comes with surprising additions including an indoor green house (Picture: Jam Press)

“The inspiration for the design comes from the client drawings and our engineering team,” he told Jam Press. “It has a few cool features like a garden and greenhouse.

“It has a layout where you can walk into every section of the bunker in a square hallway much like that of a hospital floor.

“Both kitchens have a large pantry as well.

“It has a large greenhouse that can grow enough food for a very large family or two families.

“This bunker also includes a full-size shooting range with the ability to stop up to 50 cal.”

But keeping safe will cost you – so much so, there’s no specific pricing available as it’s best to enquire directly about your bunker needs.

However, to give you an idea of what you might be shelling out, some of the other bunkers from the same company cost between $45,500 – $182,500 (not counting delivery and installation fees)