Former Vegas stripper turned OnlyFans model dishes dirt on Sin City – including handsy millionaires and making $180,000 in ONE night

CJ Miles has now turned her attention to OnlyFans
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A former Las Vegas dancer turned OnlyFans model has dished the dirty on life in Sin City – including once being paid $180,000 for just one night of stripping.

CJ Miles, grew up in poverty in The Philippines, dreaming of a better life.

Now, the millionaire lives the high life in Miami, US, having worked her way up from the pole to being a Penthouse Pet, and raking in a fortune on OnlyFans earning £180,000 a month.

CJ has made a killing stripping off in Las Vegas and now does so online too (Picture: Jam Press)

CJ, who has 2.2 million followers on Instagram (@misscjmiles) began her lucrative adult career in Las Vegas, spending 12 years working at the infamous club Spearmint Rhino.

From cheering up millionaires who have lost big at poker and craps to entertaining eager tourists dropping their life savings, she has seen it all – and is now sharing her secrets.

“Being a stripper in Vegas isn’t like being a stripper anywhere else,” CJ told

“Everyone has brought money to burn and there’s a millionaire at the club pretty much every week– but these rich CEOs and businessmen expect a big show in return.

“I was known as an ‘angel of the night’.

“My shifts would typically be 7pm-9am. so it would be long days and it’s a hard job, you’ll come away with bruises all over if you don’t stay athletically fit and put in the training.

“My secret weapon was being small and having a strong work ethic.

One night she was paid a whopping $180,000 (Picture: Jam Press)

“Men including A-list celebrities and billionaires would constantly ask me back to their hotels, whether to dance or for something more.

“I can’t really defend myself if something happens and if I’d made £3,000 in one night, I didn’t need to go up with them.

“Unlike many of the other girls, I always worked sober – no drinks or drugs.”

While it wasn’t unusual to make big money in one night, even CJ was stunned when one man decided to give her an extra big tip – paying $180,000 for the pleasure of watching her dance.

But the Penthouse star insists nothing else happened.

CJ said: “There was this one guy who was such a fan for me he gave me my biggest payment – $180,000 for one night of dancing.

“I used the money to buy my family a house in the Philippines.

“We grew up with nothing, so it felt amazing to be able to do this.

“I didn’t see him again after that. I don’t even know his name and he changed his number.

“It’s like he enjoyed sending money to girls.

“But I wish I still knew him to say thanks.”

CJ as a young girl in The Philippines (Picture: Jam Press)

Sharing the key to making good money as a stripper, CJ explains that it’s not just about working the pole – you have to make the clients feel “special” too.

She said: “When you’re a stripper, the better you are, the more security will keep an eye on the men around you.

“I was the best dancer at the club, so I never had that many weird experiences – the clients had to be respectful or they would get kicked out.

“But many other girls don’t get the same treatment, especially those working in the ‘seedier’, low-level clubs.”

CJ, who has a computer engineering degree, arrived in Vegas in 2006 and spent “every day naked” for 14 years.

She quickly moved through the ranks at the time, but still remembers her first day at the club.

She has now turned her attention to OnlyFans (Picture: Jam Press)

She added: “I was naked every day.

“On the first day, I was given a bikini and told ‘see you inside b**ch’.

“I thought ‘I can’t do this, I finished college and this is my first job in America. What did I finish school for?’

“I remember this one guy approached me and when I said it was my first night he didn’t believe me.

“But he slowly came round and booked me for the entire night so I could get settled. I was just so nervous.

“But I took to it like a duck to water.

“I remember walking in and the other girls shrugged me off.

“But I was soon raking in the most money, men seemed to love my petite frame and it helped me stand out.

“They love the idea of being big and strong, and imagine what I’ll be like in bed.”

CJ says she loves to get naked (Picture: Jam Press)

With many clubs shutting their doors during the pandemic, CJ swiftly saw her income dry up – that’s when she decided to join OnlyFans.

She now makes £180,000 a month on the site, which has led her to give up stripping altogether.

CJ added: “I love getting naked so this is really the ideal job for me.

“I came to the US with just $100 on me and I was determined to be financially comfortable for once in my life.

“I wouldn’t go back to being a full-time stripper now, I’ve moved on.

“But I do pop back as a feature dancer now and then as my fans miss me and I get paid to just hang out in clubs.

“Occasionally, I might dance for some high-end clientele as a treat, there’s still money to be made after all.

“I feel alive when I take my clothes off.”

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