‘I gave birth the same day my family were BOMBED in Ukraine,’ says mum, 30, having child with PROLIFIC SPERM DONOR

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A mum-of-one has shared how she chose “prolific sperm donor” Kyle Gordy after numerous attempts to get pregnant at a sperm bank – and gave birth on the same day her family were struck with war.

Alina Iakushyna, 30, a swimming coach from Ukraine, first moved to the US in 2014 after winning the Green Card Lottery, a competition which grants a “lifetime” visa.

Growing up, she dreamed of living in America with her family and starting a new life for themselves.

Alina gave birth the same day her family were bombed (Picture:Jam Press)

After she had made the move herself, her then partner moved across after being granted a visa in 2016.

While she regularly visited her family in Ukraine, this suddenly came to an end after the pandemic began and as a result, her partner had to return.

Soon, their relationship became “strenuous” and although they had tried starting a family for months prior, they were unsuccessful in their attempts to conceive – which she blamed on their “incompatibility.”

Alina longed for her own baby and ultimately, reached a “turning point” where she decided to go about the ordeal alone.

Initially, she visited a local sperm bank and after two failed attempts, she was left feeling “hopeless” – until she came across Kyle Gordy (@kylegordy1234) on Instagram.

Kyle is known for being the world’s most notable sperm donor, fathering over 52 children across the globe at only 31-years-old.

Now, she’s got her own happy family after giving birth to son, David Matthew, six months ago on 23 February – the same day Russia invaded Ukraine.

“I woke up and saw my phone was empty, without any congratulations, so I asked my grandmother and in short, she said they were losing connection,” Alina told NeedToKnow.Online.

“Russian missiles had taken out electricity and phone communication in Kharkiv, where after this, not a single message reached my family.

“I had mixed feelings, insanely joyful yet in so much pain, because I had a lack of understanding about how much trouble they were in.

“I admired my baby and looked at how handsome he was, counted all his fingers and tried hugging him in order to recover a little from all the trauma.

“[Initially], I visited a gynaecologist and asked if my body was ready for the birth of a wonderful baby and they said I was in excellent shape.

Kyle is known for being the world’s most notable sperm donor, fathering over 52 children across the globe at only 31-years-old. (Picture: Jam Press)

“I was so happy, so I started looking for ways to be fertilised and spent weeks researching the history of donors at a sperm bank.

“While excited, I was [apprehensive] about the fact they were all anonymous, where I wondered what I would tell my child if he wanted to meet his dad.

“All these questions alarmed me, but I don’t remember my father as he left when I was only eight months old.

“I still dreamed of meeting him, but unfortunately, after his death, I never got the chance.

“I was afraid this would interfere with my child’s life, but I thought that in the future, I might meet a man who will love and accept my choice.”

She chose a donor and ordered his sperm, which cost $3,000 (£2,500) and braced herself for the at-home procedure.

However, on New Year’s Day, she received a negative result.

While she was disappointed at the outcome, she decided to try again in February 2021 – costing a further $3,600 (£3,100).

She said: “I used the same donor and this time, I did the insemination through the clinic with the help of a doctor.

“Unfortuantely, I wasn’t pregnant and this completely shocked me because I had prayed so much for a long awaited baby.

“I dropped my hands, cried a lot and it also hit me financially, where I fell into depression and there was no way out.

“In my heart, I didn’t give up and continued to look for ways, where a few months later, my friend told me about Kyle Gordy.

“All of his children were beautiful and soon, I wrote to him and video called.

“I was a bit worried at first, as I wanted to get to know him better, but we talked for a long time and I really liked him.

“However, one of my main questions, which sealed the deal, was if my child could know about him.

“He replied: ‘Of course, we can see each other’ and this reassured me as a mother – so after a few more conversations, we decided to meet up in Miami.”

Alina wrote to Kyle as she saw how beautiful his children are (Picture: Jam Press)

As she hoped for a positive result, the pair conceived “naturally” rather than using a cup and syringe.

And seven days later, she received a confirmed positive test.

Alina said: “I can’t convey the feeling I felt, as I experienced new sensations in my stomach – but I kept this a secret from everyone apart from Kyle.

“I remember how surprised he was and it was the happiest day of my life.

“It was really a shock for me and I tried to pull myself together, despite some nerves, since I experienced the threat of a miscarriage twice.

“I informed my relatives I was pregnant and they didn’t ask questions since they knew I was doing this alone – but I had a plan of action to fly back home and give birth.”

On 22 February 2022, she had one last ultrasound before her flight on 3 March – but was told the baby was due and expected to arrive the next day.

Along with her friend, Tatyana, she welcomed her little boy into the world and the mum recalls crying tears of happiness.

She said: “I remember hugging him and crying, but I didn’t know how many tears of misfortune would follow after this.

“I asked my friend to phone my mum as well, but I lost consciousness and I don’t remember much past this, apart from my last conversation with my family which was ten minutes before the war began.

“The next day, I continued to message my family, but nothing delivered and I asked Tatyana why I hadn’t heard from anyone.

“She was afraid to upset me, especially as I had given birth, but she said there’s some issues over there – yet they’re very happy.”

Alina dreamed of living in America with her family and starting a new life for themselves (Picture: Jam Press)

Soon, Alina started to feel “offended” about the lack of response from her family and assumed they didn’t like her baby’s name.

Upon arriving home, she spoke with her friends and ultimately, found out about the traumatic ordeal in her home country.

Alina said: “I was frightened about everything I saw on the internet, as one of the schools blown up was on my mother’s road.

“It’s a terrible feeling when you know that it’s your family in danger and not knowing if they’ve survived.

“David helped me cope with all of this, I constantly hugged and kissed him, saying everything would be fine.

“I finally got in touch with my mum and was told all about what they had endured – and I knew I had to help my family.

“I worked 12 hour days a few weeks after giving birth and this continues today.”

Now, while she tries to piece her family’s life back together, she’s grateful for Kyle and her little boy.

She added: “My baby is beautiful and a miracle.

“He sleeps all night and I use this time to speak with my family.

“Since then, my grandmother’s garden has been bombed, but she remains alive.

“I can hardly cope with all the bills, especially with a newborn, but this is an endless story that I will not give up on.

“I hope I will one day go to Ukraine with David and be with my family – but for now, I’m thankful to Kyle for making my dreams come true.”