Tennis influencer RACHEL STUHLMANN dons eye-popping USA bra to rile up England fans

Tennis influencer Rachel Stuhlmann has donned an eye-popping USA bra to show her support for England’s World Cup group rivals.
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Tennis influencer Rachel Stuhlmann has donned an eye-popping USA bra to show her support for England’s World Cup group rivals.

The six-foot brunette, who comes from St Louis, Missouri, US, only attended her first ever football game on 16 November at St Louis City SC.

They are expected to join the MSL next season and held the inaugural game at their new 22,500-seat stadium Citypark. But the St Louis’ reserve team lost 0-3 against Bundesliga side Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

Tennis influencer Rachel Stuhlmann (Picture: Jam Press)

Rachel was in attendance for the inaugural match, and the tennis influencer admits she is now “a huge soccer fan”.

She told Jam Press: “The St. Louis City SC game was amazing.

“I am now a huge soccer fan and can’t wait to learn more about the sport and watch more games.”

With the Qatar World Cup just days away and a tantalising group tie between England and USA scheduled for 25 November, Rachel thinks her country will raise their game after failing to qualify for Russia 2018.

Rachel prepping herself for tennis (Picture: Jam Press)

The influencer said: “I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about either team’s seasons to be able to make an intelligent prediction.

“I’ve heard the England team is amazing and are one of the favourites to win not only that game, but the whole tournament.

“However, since they didn’t qualify for World Cup in 2018, I think USA will come out ready to play and with a chip on their shoulder! “I think it’s going to be an entertaining and well-played game.”

Rachel (Picture: Jam Press)

Rachel added: “But I wish both teams could win!” To support her country’s World Cup bid, the tennis influencer sported a fetching USA bikini top to rile up hopeful England fans.

However, despite wanting to see England lose their second group game against their rivals from ‘across the pond’, Rachel admits that she knows a number of British tennis players on the circuit and “melts” at the accent.

She told Jam Press in September: “I’ve met a few British guys on the tour and they are all so nice and charming – I just love the accent, it melts me!”

Last month, Rachel recreated three iconic looks of former tennis star Gabriela Sabatini, considered a sex symbol in the 1980s and 90s, including a raunchy swimsuit pose.

Rachel Stuhlmann (Picture: Jam Press)

Rachel, who boasts 232,000 Instagram followers, explained: “I wanted to highlight a legend this Halloween. Sabatini was one of the leading players in the mid-80s through the mid-90s.

Not only was she a champion and Hall of Famer but she’s done so much charitable work.

“I have been told a variety of times in my career that I resemble Gabriela, which has always been a fun compliment for me.”

Last month, Rachel revealed that she can’t wait for the cold weather to kick in so she can snuggle down on the sofa and watch lots of films.

The influencer said: “I love cold weather! Winter time is my absolute favourite time of year!

Rachel Stuhlmann has donned an eye-popping USA bra (Picture: Jam Press)

“I love the fall and winter seasons and the holidays. My favourite thing is spending time with my family around the holidays. I also love the fresh air outside when it’s cold, and fall and winter fashion.

“I love staying in on a winter night and watching a movie!”

Rachel played NCAA Division I tennis for the University of Missouri from 2010 to 2014, earning a national ranking in singles and doubles.

She then moved into journalism and modelling, and now uses her online profile to “keep pushing the sport of tennis forwards”.

She hopes she can achieve for tennis what Paige Spiranac has done for golf, explaining: “My goal is to make the sport more mainstream and relatable – cool like other sports!”