Meet Daniela Gaviria – who has been dubbed the ‘world’s sexiest traffic warden.’
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Meet Daniela Gaviria – who has been dubbed the ‘world’s sexiest traffic warden.’

Pictured: Daniela Gaviria. (Credit: Jam Press)

She has gone viral after drooling motorists said she looks like a model.

Others said she has the ‘perfect face’.

Daniela pounds the pavements in Pereira, Colombia.

But the 28-year-old has been stealing glances from drivers and pedestrians thanks to her captivating Latin looks.

Pictured: Daniela Gaviria. (Credit: Jam Press)

She recently went viral after TikToker Casta Bermudez shared a clip of her and got over 150,000 views.

He accompanied the clip with the message: “What do you think? She is beautiful.

“So she let me go!”

Local media reported on the viral video and the brunette traffic warden saw her Instagram following quickly swell to over 163,000 followers.

Before the TikTok video, she reportedly only had 2,600 Insta fans.

Pictured: Daniela Gaviria. (Credit: Jam Press)

Last week, Daniela shared the TikTok video on her Instagram page with the message: “The start of it all.

“Thank you for your comments!”

In the footage, at least two male friends are heard gushing over the traffic warden’s looks as they sidle up to her in their car.

She politely acknowledges them before continuing walking along the pavement as they comment “she looks like a model” and “her face is perfect”.

Daniela, who has a young daughter who occasionally appears in her Insta posts, explained: “One Friday night, loads of people started sending me the video. Many thought it was staged… that’s when all this madness began!”

After seeing her face plastered all over the internet in recent weeks, Daniela told Jam Press: “Social networks are a very complex but a beautiful world at the same time.

“Now while I’m working, people come up to ask me for photos. It’s like they’ve seen the video in every corner of the city.”

Meanwhile, many of her followers pointed out that they would love to be stopped in their car by the uniformed traffic warden.

Pictured: Daniela Gaviria. (Credit: Jam Press)

One Instagram user commented: “Because of that video I started following you.”

“Haha and there are outraged women because that video is harassment, and she proudly uploads it on her networks, that’s the attitude! Beautiful,” said another.

One Insta fan – called Michell said: “It’s her fault, for being so beautiful, you have to admit, she’s a very pretty woman.”

“Pereira the city of the most beautiful women,” remarked another.

Someone else said: “Now everyone wants to get fined!”

Juan Roberts commented: “Brother that’s an ANGEL I swear.”