Fashion designer releases ‘controversial’ rubber looks for the OFFICE – including LATEX suits, pencil skirts and turtlenecks

A latex fashion designer has released a line of skintight garments made entirely from rubber and he wants you to wear them to the office.
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A latex fashion designer has released a line of skintight garments made entirely from rubber and he wants you to wear them to the office.

Sebastian Cauchos from Amsterdam, Netherlands has taken workwear to a whole new level with his collection of cardigans, blouses, turtlenecks, ties and headscarves – made entirely from latex.

The fashion designer says that although the material is often viewed as controversial, his figure-hugging collection eludes modesty that challenges stereotypes.

Sebastian says that the material eludes modesty. (Picture: Jam Press)

Although the material is often reserved for the bedroom, Sebastian believes the kinky line can be worn for any occasion, including at your desk.

“My line is for women, crossdressers and anyone in between who likes to look proper and elegant,” Sebastian told NeedToKnow.Online.

“I’m known for my modest pieces like turtlenecks, shirts with high collar and headscarves.

“I appreciate it when women look prudish and conservative, with or without latex.

“These days it almost becomes controversial what I’m saying now. “But let it be, I don’t care.

“There are numerous latex designers nowadays, but the one thing that distinguishes my work from the all the others is that I make modest and conservative fashion of latex. Stay away from the cliché that latex has to be sexy, kinky, body shape revealing. This is what everybody else already does.”

Latex is often associated with kink and usually worn in the bedroom (Picture: Jam Press)

Latex attire has been worn by the likes of the Kardashians on red carpets and lavish events but Sebastian’s unique line aims to incorporate the sexy material into the mainstream.

He said: “I’ve been engaged with latex fashion since I was a student however working with this material was a gradual process.

“I always wondered why latex had to be such a taboo material while you can make very elegant outfits with it.”

Sebastian’s collection includes items such as an all-black shiny turtleneck that will become like a second skin, though it has a zip to help you squeeze into it.

A rubber blouse with puffed sleeves is also up for sale, alongside latex ties and blazers for the ultimate office dominatrix look.

For something more casual, Sebastian also offers made-to-measure looks such as extra tight polo shirts and t-shirts.

Sebastian’s line includes rubber skirts, turtlenecks, ties and headscarves. (Picture: Jam Press)

There are also typical work-appropriate pieces including pencil skirts and turtlenecks however, the naughty material might get you into a spot of bother if you wore it to the office.

Although the designer is encouraging people to wear rubber and latex looks daily, he freely admits that the material is difficult to work with.

And that it can be very tricky to get yourself into the outfits.

Sebastian added: “I’m fond of latex because it sucks [to work with as a material but I like a challenge]. “[…] but it’s hard to maintain and get dressed [in it].

“But that’s one of the reasons why I’m in love with it.”