‘I bought my MUM a HOUSE after earning $1M on OnlyFans – now she helps me flog saucy snaps,’ reveals model, 33

An OnlyFans star has fulfilled her “childhood dream” of buying her mum a house after making $1 million on the adult site.
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An OnlyFans star has fulfilled her “childhood dream” of buying her mum a house after making $1 million on the adult site.

Jesse Switch, 34, from Alberta, Canada, joined the site in early 2018 and went full-time in January 2020 – later hiring her mum Jan, 63, bringing her out of retirement to be her executive assistant.

Now, her mum helps with everything from sourcing sexy costumes, to locating the perfect hotel rooms for Jesse to film racy scenes in.

Jesse, who rakes in $80,000 a month, has recently been able to realise her goal of helping her mum too – buying her a new $360,000 house.

“I remember promising my mum at the age of 12 that I would buy her a house to retire in – it feels surreal to know I’ve finally done it,” Jesse, who has 781,000 followers on TikTok (@jesseswitch), told NudePR.com.

Jesse Switch. (Picture: Jam Press)

“I knew deep in my heart that one day I would do it but I had no idea it would be so soon.

“I’m only 34 and have made $1.25 million in the last five years, and am projected to make almost another million in the next year.”

Her mum, who had been retired for four years before working with Jesse, is proud of all that her daughter has achieved – despite the unconventional career path.

Jan said: “I had reservations when she first started OnlyFans – I was fearful for her physical and mental safety and that she may have regrets for entering into an industry where your work lives on through the internet whether you want it to or not.

“But first and foremost, I wanted to support Jesse in her career regardless of what that career may be.

“It allowed me to have a closer insight to the safety protocols she practices as well as her very strong business acumen.

“I was very impressed at how well she understands the fundamentals of running a business and employs counsel from professionals for legal compliance, financial and taxation structure, marketing and investment strategies.

Jesse Switch. (Picture: Jam Press)

“I became less concerned about the content of her business as I became better acquainted with her conduct of business.

“I am very proud of her and feel privileged to be able to support her and see her flourish.”

As her executive assistant, Jan’s responsibilities range from various administrative tasks, as well as designing sets for shoots, and selecting sexy costumes for her daughter to model.

She added: “I don’t get involved with or see her content.”

Jan was stunned when she was handed the keys to her new home.

She said: “Jesse has told me since she was a little girl that someday she would buy me a little house on the water where I could watch the birds and I always thought it was a sweet sentiment but never expected it to become a reality.

“I was absolutely shocked when she told me she had actually bought me a house to live out my retirement the way I could only have dreamed of.

“I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude as well as pride that she has achieved such great success in her career.”

As well as the home, Jesse also pays her mum $2,000 a month for her part-time work as her assistant.

Despite the sexually charged nature of her work, Jesse insists Jan is comfortable helping out.

Jesse Switch. (Picture: Jam Press)

She said: “She likes to be busy and I could give her a job that suited her talents.

“She handles more of the administrative side and the creative too. Part of her job is going on Amazon and finding sexy costumes for me to do role play videos in.

“She’s great at helping, and comes up with themes and ideas, and books hotels for me to shoot content in.

“I get so many comments from people joking that they hope my parents are proud – it’s funny since my mum works with me.

“She’ll tell me ‘I hope you have a very nice time’ before I go to film. She’s proud of what I do.

“My dad is also supportive. He’s pragmatic about it and can see how financially well I’m doing and that I’m happy, so that’s all he cares.”

Jesse previously worked several low-income jobs throughout her 20s, including a stint as a debt collector in a call centre, working a retail position at a clothing store, and even in a warehouse moving boxes.

After joining OnlyFans in early 2018 hoping to make some extra cash – while still working in the day painting houses – her following swelled.

Now, her income has grown exponentially in just two years and the star – who previously lived in a “makeshift apartment” without heat, before moving into her mother’s basement, where she stayed until the age of 29 – lives in a $500,000 home.

Despite her wealth, the model describes herself as “frugal”, choosing to invest her earnings instead of splurging on materialistic items.

She added: “I’m cheap – the more I earn, the more careful I am with money. Financial success isn’t promised so I don’t ever want to be left scrambling if the worst happened.

“I’m not materialistic at all. The only piece of jewellery I own was a gift from my mum!”