How YOU should spend Christmas Day according to your star sign – astrologer reveals the key to a happy holiday

An astrologer has revealed the key to having a happy holiday – revealing how each sign should spend Christmas Day to maximise the fun.
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An astrologer has revealed the key to having a happy holiday – revealing how each sign should spend Christmas Day to maximise the fun.

Inbaal Honigman, 47, from Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, works as a professional witch and astrologer for a living.

While the secret to smooth-sailing festivities for many means covering all the bases – family fun, a roast dinner with all the trimmings, a Christmas film and maybe a mince pie or two – there are ways you can make it even better, and it’s all down to your star sign.

Inbaal has now shared her top tips for making the most out of the big day, having taken to the stars for guidance.

“If everyone could have their perfect Christmas Day, this truly would be the season to be jolly,” Inbaal told

“Each person likes their Christmas Day to be a little different. Refer to the zodiac to see exactly which fantasy Christmas would be your picture-perfect day.”

Inbaal. (Picture: Jam Press)


For the sign of the ram, the key to a happy holidays is keeping active.

Inbaal said: “You love being active and on the go, and hate boredom and predictability. You enjoy originality and the great outdoors.

“A wonderful Christmas for you would include a hearty walk out in the elements, but not just any walk.

“The Aries Christmas walk includes a frozen waterfall in the middle of winter, or abseiling. Something with equipment, a camera, and potentially a 4×4 vehicle.

“By the time you get home, the crackers have been pulled and half the turkey is gone, because you asked them not to wait.

“For you, a muddy, unpredictable Christmas day is the definition of joy.”


While some signs will insist on being the host, according to Inbaal, this isn’t the case for Taureans who should embrace spending the day elsewhere.

She said: “Rotating hosting duties between members of the extended family, which can be an organisational nightmare for many, is actually the ideal way for you to organise a jolly Christmas.

“As a patient and home-loving Taurus, you equally enjoy having everyone over at yours, as much as filling the car with goodies and driving to the cousins to celebrate and cook together.

“The most chilled-out of the Zodiac, Taurus is the perfect sign to invite over for Christmas day. No drama, no fighting, just Christmas cracker jokes and a constant supply of snacks.”


For party-loving Geminis, Inbaal says embracing the festivities is key to them feeling satisfied over the holidays.

She said: “The perfect Christmas day for Gemini would involve saying ‘yes’ to any and all invitations, and going to see family, visiting friends, helping a hitch hiker, all topped up with a knees-up at the local boozer.

“Whoever asks you to join them for their festivities, will be met with a resounding ‘absolutely!’.

“Rushing from one party to the next is the essence of life for you, and being busy is one of your favourite things to be.

“With a car full of petrol and a heart full of tinsel, you’ll be out spreading festive cheer, anywhere and everywhere, all day and all night.”

Inbaal. (Picture: Jam Press)


Christmas-loving Cancers should embrace the festive food – and head straight for the kitchen.

Inbaal said: “Christmas was created especially for you, it includes all your favourite things ever – family, warmth, traditions and food.

“A cosy house full of chatting relatives, and smells emanating from the kitchen all day long.

“On your perfect Christmas day, you wouldn’t even leave the kitchen. That’s where the best things are!

“When you cook, you can pour yourself a drink, have a heart-to-heart with your loved one, and with a bit of help, you can even open your presents there.”


While many of us love nothing more than to stay in on Christmas Day, Inbaal says Leos should head out to a restaurant for dinner.

She said: “Your love of trying out the best things in life, and your joy in seeing other people happy, join together to create a Christmas day that would rival any movie.

“Leo is a proud sign, and takes pleasure in experiencing the finer things in life. The presents you receive need to be so spectacular, you may end up buying them yourself.

“The presents you give to others, are equally spectacular, and your generosity is rivalled by your humility, in hiding how much you spend on making the other person happy.

“For Christmas day, you’ll seek out the nicest place in town. An upmarket eatery that prides itself on quality.”


Similarly, Inbaal says Virgos should head out – but nowhere quite as lofty as a Leo’s preferred restaurant, opting instead for a gastro pub.

She said: “You work hard all year long, and feel like at least on Christmas day, you can expect to put your feet up.

“A Virgo Christmas is a restful Christmas, but not a lazy one. After a morning of your favourite treats and some time spent with your loved ones, you’ll stretch your limbs on a brisk, long walk, before taking everyone to a beautiful Christmas dinner in a rustic local haunt.”


Family-loving Libras should head straight to their parents for the big day, according to Inbaal.

She said: “Your ideal Christmas day would involve you waking up in your childhood bedroom.

“Libras make the most elegant guests, bringing fancy desserts and beautifully wrapped gifts.

“If some sherry spills, you’ll be happy to clean it, while thankful this isn’t your own rug at home.

“When the day is over, and you’ve been everyone’s hero all day, you’ll be thrilled to go back to your beautiful, peaceful home.”

Inbaal. (Picture: Jam Press)


Scorpio’s, meanwhile, should go somewhere new entirely.

Inbaal said: “A happy Christmas day for a Scorpio is one where they can just do their own thing, on a cruise, for example, or on a skiing holiday.

“You’ll gladly have a mince pie when you’re back from the day’s activity, and you have no problem with a cheeseboard, but as a quirky individual, you see no sense in spending the entire morning in a kitchen, monitoring the temperatures of a cooking bird.”


Like Scorpios, Inbaal says Sagittarius should equally take a trip to make the most of the holidays.

She said: “You love being on an adventure or on holiday, and hate the thought of being stuck indoors.

“You’re never without your passport, just in case. A Sagittarius can hop on a plane at a moment’s notice!

“The best Christmas day for you would be as far from home as possible. A beach perhaps, or a pool bar, somewhere sunny.

“The Sagittarius Christmas morning won’t start too early, and will have no chores at all.

“You’ll be arriving with a suitcase full of presents, and spreading festive cheer wherever you are, as long as it’s a fascinating escapade.”


Luxury-loving Capricorns, meanwhile, will have planned their opulent celebrations well in advance to ensure a smooth-sailing Christmas.

Inbaal said: “A huge fan of luxury and fabulous experiences, your perfect Christmas day would be planned months in advance.

“From hotel reservations booked in summer, to a new outfit picked from an unreleased designer collection, you want your festive break to feel as merry as possible.

“Capricorns love to spend what they earn, and you’ll enjoy an extravagant Christmas, with the best of everything.

“You have no need for multiple presents, believing in quality over quantity.

“Your Christmas dinner will be prepared by a chef, and you’ll relax under the twinkly designer lights of the lounge bar at a top hotel.”


Kind-hearted Aquarius’ should embrace their selfless side this holiday season by partaking in volunteering, according to the astrologer.

Inbaal said: “You love originality, even on the most traditional day of the year, and you value your own peace.

“After a long year of expressing kindness, letting others be right even when they’re wrong, and agreeing to compromise even when you didn’t want to, you fancy a Christmas day that’s different and rewarding.

“The biggest present you can receive, is the right to spend Christmas as you please, and what you really want to do, is be of service to others.

“Serving turkey to the homeless or putting in a shift on the phones to the Samaritans is the happiest Christmas day for a humanitarian Aquarius.”


Finally, the sign of the fish should embrace their aquatic nature by taking to the sea and ringing in Christmas on a yacht.

Inbaal said: “You’re the most romantic sign of the Zodiac, so where your partner goes at Christmas, so you shall go.

“If you could choose your own perfect day, without listening to all the guilt-tripping from those around you, you would be with your loved one alone, on a yacht somewhere dreamy.

“Wearing matching red swimsuits and Santa hats, you’d exchange presents and have a morning prosecco, then make a ship-to-shore call for a drone to bring you a delicious Christmas dinner and two crackers.

“Pisceans love water, romance, and fantasy, and this tranquil Christmas day has them all.”