‘Hef kicked people out for saying no to sex and blacklisted them from Hollywood’: Model reveals all in explosive interview

The OnlyFans model made shocking claims during an explosive interview about her time in the Playboy Mansion…
Kayla poses for a selfie with black tape covering her nipples and a small black thong.
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An OnlyFans model has revealed the “drama” and “traumatic” experience of her time as a guest at the Playboy Mansion – claiming people were kicked out for saying “no” to sex.

Kayla Kayden, 34, from Nevada, Las Vegas, US, first started sharing saucy clips of herself before later venturing into the adult industry in 2014 as a p*rn star.

Growing up, she recalls “idolising” models, especially those featured in Playboy and dreamed of one day moving to California to join their ranks.

Kayla poses with a white crop top and bikini.
Kayla claimed Hugh Hefner used to ‘kick out’ girls if they refused any requests (Picture: Jam Press)

Aged 18, Kayla, who has 375,000 followers on Instagram (@kaylakayden1), put herself forward for a casting call to become a Playmate – but unfortunately didn’t make the cut.

Determined to join one way or the other, she tried again a year later and was picked for the TV show and to feature in the magazine, before ultimately becoming a guest at the mansion.

But Kayla had no idea of what would follow once she made it inside.

In an explosive and exclusive interview with NudePR.com, the model claims to have witnessed “traumatic” events at the infamous parties.

“Hugh Hefner would often kick girls out and ask security to remove them if they didn’t agree to any requests,” Kayla claims.

“I remember one girl where a band member who knew Hugh had asked for her to suck his d*** in front of other people at a party [not at the Mansion, during a trip to Las Vegas].

“She said no and within seconds, she was thrown out.

“The band member then complained to Hef that she wasn’t being fun.

“I recall us all looking at each other and asking what she did, as we were all in shock.

Kayla poses in a bathroom with a sultry, black maid outfit for a selfie.
The OnlyFans model also alleged that if a request was refused, Playboy bunnies would be ‘blacklisted’ from Hollywood (Picture: Jam Press)

“When Hef found out she was back at the Mansion she was chucked out – and wasn’t allowed to return again.

“If you didn’t do what you were told, you’d be blacklisted from the whole of Hollywood.”

Kayla also claims fellow models later found out there were hidden cameras dotted around the mansion, with every single word and move allegedly watched by staff.

Soon, the word “Bad Bunny” started to fly around, a name she claims was given to those removed for any so-called “misconduct”.

She said: “We weren’t allowed to smoke and had to always be smiling and happy in order to be a ‘Good Bunny’.

“Because most of the celebrities were friends with Hugh, he’d soon find out and if we weren’t ‘servicing’ them or if we had a complaint, it was game over.

“Often, we’d do body paint parties, where a company would sponsor us and put their artwork all over our bodies.

“These were huge deals, as our faces were plastered all over their advertisements, as well as articles being written about us.

“However, if we didn’t do as we were told, we’d be banned from partaking in them, which harmed our chances for success.

“I remember people dotted all over the mansion having sex wherever – in the pools, lobby, kitchen – you name it, there were people hooking up.

“I stayed back and watched most of the time, but we were sold on this idea that we’d marry someone rich while being at the Playboy mansion, so many of us held out for this.”

For Kayla, the story ended differently.

She said: “I thought this is what I had to do in life, become a trophy wife and live rich – but my guy couldn’t do that for me.

With many celebrities attending the mansion on a regular basis, there were opportunities to make connections with A-listers. (Picture: Jam Press)

“I really liked my match he didn’t love me and I couldn’t marry someone for money, so I called things off.”

Kayla also claims to have been shown a “standard Playmate contract” by a man at the Mansion, which allegedly offered $25,000 as a down payment for a two-year modelling contract.

Each model would allegedly also get a few extra hundred dollars for events and shoots.

The Playmates would also allegedly get $300 for each event attended for two years – but a certain number needed to be met before the earnings came through.

She said: “A man at the Playboy Mansion showed it [the contract] to me.

“He asked if it was something I’d be interested in doing.

“But it seemed to be more work than I had first realised and a lot of travelling.

“At the time I was making $800-$1,000 a day as a cam girl.

“I also started making my own homemade adult movies on the side, as that was the life for me, so despite it having been my dream when younger, I wasn’t interested anymore because I saw so much more money in my other work.”

Since her days modelling for Playboy between the ages of 18-23, Kayla has taken her career in a new direction.

Kayla in the Playboy Mansion wearing a two-piece black underwear set with suspenders.
Now, she makes ‘saucy’ content on OnlyFans, where she earns $50,000 a month on the site (Picture: Jam Press)

In 2018, she joined OnlyFans and now earns $50,000 a month on the site.

Kayla said: “I heard so many people talking about it, so I thought I should try it and soon I made a bunch of money.

“I’ll return to the porn industry if I get the right opportunity and the same goes for the Playboy Mansion.

“Despite what I’ve seen in the past, there’s been such a dramatic and positive change in recent years – the brand is much more diverse.

“If the money is right, I’ll take it but I can make $5,000 in a few days from home.”