Hippie model uses OnlyFans to go ‘off-grid’ with farm, chickens and solar power only – making £1.3M on site

A woman has revealed how she is using OnlyFans to save money for her dream to go off-grid – having made £1.3 million in just a few years.
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Pictured: Indica Flower. (Credit: Jam Press)

A woman has revealed how she is using OnlyFans to save money for her dream to go off-grid – having made £1.3 million in just a few years.

Indica Flower, originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, comes from a long line of farmers and says “living with the land” is “deeply embedded” in her DNA”.

The 25-year-old wants to “unlearn” the ways of living that she says the Western world has taught her, with an aim to grow all her own food, using solar power only and composting everything possible.

But the ethical, environmentally-friendly lifestyle doesn’t come cheap, which has seen Indica turn to OnlyFans to fund her dream while also spreading her message.

Pictured: Indica Flower. (Credit: Jam Press)

“Agriculture and living with the land is deeply embedded in my DNA,” Indica, who has 148,700 followers on TikTok, told Jam Press.

“Living ‘off-grid’ and in communion with Mother Nature provides a sense of purpose that nothing else can, in my opinion.

“Raising ‘farm’ animals (hens for eggs, cows for milk NOT BEEF, etc.) in a loving, ethical way is so so rewarding.

“I currently already grow some of my own food and have four hens that provide me with lots of eggs.

“Eggs are a main source of protein in my household.

“My family grows sugar cane and also has a couple communal gardens so I have access to fresh veggies and fruits as well.

“My uncle is a bee-keeper so I trade him eggs for fresh, local honey.

“Being able to know exactly where my food comes from is incredibly rewarding.

“No antibiotics, no chemicals.”

Pictured: Indica Flower’s chickens. (Credit: Jam Press)

While Indica wants to live off-grid, she still intends to have running water and electricity but powered entirely by the sun.

She is based in urban area at the moment but hopes the £45,000 a month she makes on OnlyFans will soon see her move out to a farm of her own.

She said: “I hope to eventually have a fully solar-powered homestead.

“But I do fully intend on committing my life to running an ethical homestead & farm for myself and my future family.

“Even though i currently live in an urban area, I’ve already started my journey.

“I’m currently waiting for the perfect land to purchase.

“I own my current home and have done as much as i can with the space; I’ve got my hens and I use a hydroponics system indoors to grow my herbs and leafy greens.

“Outside I am growing potatoes and have a full compost system!

“It’s a very realistic goal in my opinion but like all things it does cost money.”

Indica was a stripper for four years before giving up the pole for content creation three years ago, and has since made £1.3 million on OnlyFans.

While she gets “a lot of hate” online, she says her family have been supportive of her new career.

The model said: “My parents are very liberal and open-minded.

“It was definitely an adjustment at first, they were more concerned about my safety than anything.

“But since they realized I was healthy and happy, it’s just been unconditional love and support.

“I’m so incredibly grateful for them.

“I do get a lot of hate on the internet… [including] comments that say ‘I am fatherless’ or that something must be wrong with me if this is the career I chose.

“It’s 2022. I know it’s shocking but some women genuinely enjoy sex and sexual environments.

“Let’s stop perpetuating these very harmful narratives.”

But despite the difficulties, Indica loves her job and hopes to buy her land in the next year.

She added: “I love my job.

“I have an incredible fanbase that truly accepts me for exactly who I am and has supported every endeavour since day one.

“I don’t see myself retiring from the p*rn industry for at least another five years.

“But I think my journey will start before then.

“I’m hoping to purchase some acreage in the next year or two and then i’ll start the official planning process.

So realistically, [I will retire] in my early thirties!”