‘Our sex life is crazy,’ says mum dating man closer to her children’s age than her own

Sarah and Trenton’s sex life is heated, despite the 21 years between them…
Sarah poses in a bikini while on a beach holding Trenton's head who is kissing her.
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A mum-of-three has revealed her steamy romance with a man who is closer to her kids’ age than hers – but says their sex life has made them “inseparable.”

Sarah Princess, 46, a licensed aesthetician from Michigan, US, started looking for her soulmate after experiencing two failed marriages – but didn’t expect her new lover to be over 20 years younger than her.

Trenton Upshaw, 25, a carpenter, pursued the mum-of-three on social media for over nine months, until she decided to bite the bullet and give him a chance.

Sarah poses in a bikini with a beer in her hand and sunglasses on her head, while Trenton smiles with sunglasses and a t-shirt.
Sarah and her beau have been together for nearly a year (Picture: Jam Press)

Now, despite her beau being only six years older than her eldest daughter, who is aged 19, the two claim to be “inseparable” – especially due to their raunchy sex life.

“Our sex life is crazy and it’s the best it has ever been for either of us,” she told NeedToKnow.Online.

“It’s like we are a magnet toward each other and we both agree it’s like fireworks every time we have sex.”

On 28 January 2021, the budding carpenter decided to slide into Sarah’s direct messages, where he “persistently” tried to sway her.

While the 46-year-old initially thought he was too young, she quickly became interested after he sent her a gift of a dozen roses to her home.

After his multiple caring gestures, she decided to give him a shot – and soon, their whirlwind romance began.

Speaking about the first time they met, Sarah said: “Upon hugging him, I felt a safe, secure presence – it was like a spiritual connection.

“It was such a magical feeling, something much bigger than I had experienced before and our bodies felt aligned.

“Trenton always talks about my warm and welcoming smile.

Sarah pouts while wearing a yellow striped bikini and a necklace, with Trenton kissing her on the cheek.
Now, they have plans to marry in the future (Picture: Jam Press)

“Immediately, we felt so comfortable with each other that we fell asleep and woke up cuddling.

“It was like we were meant to be with each other – our paths aligned at the perfect time and something bigger definitely brought us together.”

After a few weeks, their love only grew stronger and Trenton decided to take the mum out on their first official date.

And the duo claim this is the moment they realised their soulmate connection – but their age difference left Sarah with some concerns.

She said: “I didn’t think he was old enough or mature enough to handle all that was thrown at me at once, especially with the divorce.

“I doubted his ability to earn and do things, until I eventually saw him carry out these responsibilities in person.

“I expressed these to Trenton and he assured me there was no issue about our age gap.

“Through reassurance and repeated actions, we’ve overcome these feelings and now, I know we were meant to be together in this life.

“We both enjoy the outdoors, adventures and adrenaline, as we live for the moment – but also appreciate peace, tranquillity and nature.

“So far, we’ve experienced the Smoky Mountains, all down south, as well as the west coast in Hollywood.

“Most recently, we visited St Lucia for my birthday, where we went diving 65 ft underwater together.

Sarah wasn’t looking for love when she recalls him sliding into her DMs (Picture: Jam Press)

“Both of us believe in higher and spiritual connections which keeps us going.”

Now, the pair live within the countryside upon a 30-acre farm and have plans to marry one day.

While they’re smitten with each other, it’s not always been smooth sailing, especially due to strangers who don’t agree with their relationship.

Sarah added: “I’ve been asked before if I am Trenton’s mum and I think people cast judgement without even meeting us.

“Anybody who knows us in person has never said anything bad, only strangers dish out hurtful words.

“At first, friends and family said we wouldn’t last and that we would hurt each other.

“Now, we’ve grown on everyone and are completely accepted – but there are always haters who will be rude about our relationship.

“We will keep going regardless of the criticism we receive, as our relationship is nothing but love, adventure and true passion.

Sarah wears a bikini as she kisses Trenton who is wearing a white t-shirt and blue shorts while on the beach.
Despite their 21 year age gap, the two believe they are soulmates (Picture: Jam Press)

“My kids, aged 19, 14 and 10, love Trenton and adore the way he treats me.

“Our advice to anyone is don’t care about what other people think, as if you feel a connection with somebody, don’t hesitate to keep going.

“Age is just a number, we are proof of that, and we love one another as much as the next couple – if not, so much more.”